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Priest praises Doree. He says that she is a Durga Maa. Doree recalls the way everyone celebrates when a boy born in their family. She asked Ganga Prasad why they didn’t celebrated like this when girl born. If boy is important than a girl. Ganga Prasad says that Girl is more important than a boy. He shares his thoughts with her. Doree recalls his words and shares it with Thakurian. Mansi also agreed that she is right. The priest says that Kailash Devi did a good job by brought this girl to home. Kailash Devi is about to touch Doree’s feet. Doree stops her. She says that her father taught her elders shouldn’t touch the people feet who is younger to them. She asks her to place her hand on her head. If she bless her father and Doree everything will be alright in her house. She says that she wants her blessings to be happy. The priest asks her to bless her. Kailash Devi bless her. She takes arathi to her. Doree feels something bad gonna happen to her father. She rushes out from there. Her dhuppatta catches fire. Mansi removed the dhuppatta from her. Ganga Prasad jumps into the fire.

Kumar says to Kailash Devi that basti catch fire. She makes faces. He told her that Ganga Prasad’s house catch the fire. Where he kept all the delivery things. Kailash Devi asks Raj to call the fire service asap. He can take many people help but her saree packages shouldn’t catch fire. Ganga Prasad is trying to reach near the delivery things. Doree falls down. She feels suspicious. Basti people trying to extinguish the fire. Anand notices Kailash Devi there. He asks her how did the fire catch in his house? Kailash Devi asks him to stop questioning her. Nothing should happen to her saree. She said Raj to call the fire service. Anand says them to pour water asap. Kakka says that Ganga jumped inside the fire to save it. Kailash Devi says that she won’t leave them if something happens to her saree. Neelu says that they signed in the documents. If something happens to the saree then they have to vacate their house. Doree meets with an accident. She faints there.

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Ganga Prasad falls down. Almira falls on him. Nani says that her son life is in danger. She asks them to save him. Anand thinks that Ganga Prasad is stopping him from hurting Doree. If he dies today then no one is able to save Doree from him today. Ganga Prasad prays to the god. Water pot breaks there. Its prevent the saree from catch fire. Doree walks inside. Ganga Prasad is surprised to see her there. Actually god came there in Doree’s roop. Real Doree is fainted on the street. Mata Rani’s holy water falls on her. Meanwhile, Ganga Prasad asks Doree to go out. She says that she won’t leave him alone. She helps him to remove the almira from him. Doree and Ganga Prasad noticed that saree packages are safe. Doree hugs Ganga Prasad and tells him that he shouldn’t be scared. She is with him.

Doree asks him how will they take this packages out if this house. Ganga Prasad says that god is with them. She will show a way to them. Kailash Devi complaints to the inspector that her saree packages were inside. Meanwhile, Mansi doing a pooja in temple. She asks the god to protect Ganga Prasad and Doree. She shouldn’t bring darkness in their lives. Kailash Devi is arguing with the inspector. Kailash Devi is shocked to see Doree walking out of the fire holding the packages. They were surprised to see many people are behind her.