Anupama 15th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kavya leaves Shah house


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Kavya is about to touch Babu ji’s feet. Babu ji stops her, and apologizes to her saying he couldn’t do anything for her. He asks her to come and stay with them whenever she wants and says this is also your house, nobody can stop you. Kavya says my new house is near and asks them to come to her house whenever they want. Babu ji gives her money as blessings. Baa recalls calling Kavya as Maide ki kathori. She says time strengthens the relation. Kavya says you haev become my mother. Baa says you have become my bahu. Kavya hugs her. Dimpy asks why all my friends are going? Kavya asks her to come to her house or call her. Kavya tells Pakhi that I know you will thought my words as lecture, but I am saying it for old time sake, and tells that marriage needs both partners’ efforts, and says Adhik is waiting for you, go to him. Vanraj says 1 min.

He comes near Kavya and says you are going, go…but break all relations with my family. He says nobody from my family will meet you, and you shall also not meet them. He says you are having problem with me, and that’s why you have to break relation with everyone. Kavya asks if you think this house as circus and you are ring master. She says I will meet whoever I want and will not break relation with my loved ones on your sayings. She turns to go. Vanraj goes inside. Kavya cries and recalls the happy moments and Vanraj’s indifferent behavior towards her and her baby. She leaves. Kal ho na ho song plays..

In the morning, Anupama gives tea to Anuj. Anupama gets message and checks, and tells Anuj that Kavya shifted to her new house last night. Anuj says this was to happen. Anupama asks him to take them somewhere, and says only three. Anuj says soon you will find yourself at some place. He says he saw Pari’s photo on social media and tells that she has grown. Choti comes there and gets jealous hearing about Pari. Anupama says she didn’t want to leave Pari.

Vanraj and Toshu talk about market shares. The balloon bursts. Toshu tells that we used to tease Pakhi when balloon used to bursts in childhood. Vanraj asks about Kinjal. Baa says she will make Pari eat Ragi kheer. Toshu says Kinjal has gone out with Pari. Vanraj says don’t tell me that she has gone to meet Anupama. Toshu looks on. Vanraj gets angry.

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Kinjal gives gifts to Choti. Anupama says it was not need. Kinjal says I disturbed you early morning. Anupama says no. Malti Devi asks how did Vanraj let you meet Anupama, yesterday he asked Anupama to leave. Kinjal says she has told Baa that until she is here, she will meet Mummy. Anuj says you said right. Anupama asks her to have tea. Malti Devi asks her about life there and tells that whoever goes there, doesn’t return. Kinjal says we will come to meet everyone every year. Malti Devi says everyone says this, but don’t come. Kinjal asks Anupama, if they can go for picnic with choti and pari. Anupama agrees. They get up, just then the glass breaks.

Vanraj gets happy and tells that he has called Kinjal’s mother, but she didn’t go there. Toshu says she might have gone somewhere else. Vanraj says Anupama must have called her to insult him. Dimpy says Mummy is not like this. Vanraj thinks he will not leave Anupama.

Anupama, Kinjal, Choti and Pari come for picnic. They enjoy the greenery. Anupama does poetry. She tells that Anuj does nice poetry. Kinjal gives her coffee and says whenever they were small, she used to bring them all alone. She says one used to run, and I used to catch, while other run. She says their picnic used to happen, but my exercise had happened. Kinjal tells Anupama that she didn’t tell anyone at home that she came. Anupama says they must be worried. Kinjal says Pari needs her Dadi’s love. Pari cries. Kinjal brings balloon. The song plays…bum bum bole. Choti gets jealous seeing Anupama having a good time with them. Anupama clicks selfie with Choti.

Anuj and Ankush come to the cabin after the meeting. Anuj tells Ankush that he is worried about Vanraj’s behavior. He says Anupama messaged that Kinjal haven’t told anyone at home. He says don’t know what will happen. Ankush tells that yesterday Pandit ji told that a big change will happen in our house. Anuj asks what? Ankush says he just told this. Kinjal, Anupama, choti and pari sit in the car.

Precap: Kinjal tells Anupama that she will miss her in UK. Choti tells Anupama that she wants to come to the front seat. Anupama says no. While Choti tries to come to the front, Kinjal gets pushed and the car meets with the accident. Anupama finds the car on the cliff and Kinjal unconscious.