Doosri Maa 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Arvind Accepts Krishna

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The episode starts with Randhir shooting at Yashoda, but Arvind interfering and taking the bullet on himself. Arvind falls down. Randhir then escapes in a bike. Family is shocked to see Arvind’s condition and rushes him to hospital where doctor operates him and removes bullet from his chest. Yashoda blames herself for Arvind’s condition. Suresh asks her not to say that. Mahua panics and runs towards OT. Malti tries to control her. Yashoda tells Mahua that nothing will happen to Arvind and won’t forgive herself if anything happens to him. Mahua asks her not to say that and apologizes her for all the wrongdoings she and Arvind did on her. She says if anything happens to Arvind, he himself would be responsible for it.

Doctor walks out of OT. Family asks him Arvind’s condition. Doctor says his condition is stable now and they can meet him after some time. Family thanks god for saving Arvind. Yashoda asks Malti to go home and be with Astha and Nupur. Mahua apologizes Yashoda again and says she used to run away from task and give lame excuses when she was sane and working as a teacher, she became her enemy when she went insane, and now after becoming sane again, she is realized her mistakes. Yashoda comforts her. Mahua says she will bring coffee for them. Krishna asks them to sit and chat while he brings coffee for them. Mahua smiles at him.

Krishna offers coffee to Sonu. Sonu says his both parents are bad. Krishna comforts him. Malti returns home. Astha and Nupur ask if Arvind is fine. Malti says yes. Astha asks about Sonu. Malti says even he is fine. Nupur asks why didn’t she ask about Krishna. Astha says there is a difference between legitimate and illegitimate child. Malti recalls learning about Sonu being illegitimate and tells Asthat that there is nothing like illegitimate or legitimate.

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In police station, Kamini curses Yashoda and Krishna for her arrest. Bansal warns her not to blame them as her sins brought her here. Constables discuss that Kamini is so evil that she put all the blame on her husband, but now Bansal is giving her a befitting reply. Kamini provokes Bansal and says she has a secret which will make him burst in anger. Bansal asks what is it. She continues to provoke him. He angrily strangulates her. Police catches him. She thinks she will not reveal that Sonu is not his son and provoked him to escape from here. She runs away from police station.

Arvind gains consciousness and sees family standing beside him. He apologizes Yashoda for all his misdeeds. Yashoda asks him not to speak much and relax. Arvind accepts Krishna as his nephew and says it would look so good when Krishna would play in their lawn. He plans inviting all neighbors for a party and announcing Krishna as a heir of their family. Malti says Suresh will pay for the party. They all laugh.

Precap: Yashoda catches Kamini hiding in hospital and says she can run away from her sins. Kamini says she will not be in peace until she kills Yashoda and Krishna. She tries to shoot Krishna.
Sonu comes in front of her.`