Neerja 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update : Abeer hunts for proofs to save Neerja


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Protima says to Neerja, I always wanted you to have a respectful life but look where you landed because of me. Neerja says to her, I am fine and we have fought so much, some 8 more years and look I am safe here, Didun won’t trouble me here and when I will come out we will go far away from Sonagachi and give our life a fresh start. Neerja hugs Protima. Abeer sees them together and gets emotional.  

Abeer steps out of the prison, he remembers how Neerja saved him from fraud and how he always misunderstood her. Abeer says for my love Neerja did everything she could and now it’s my turn. 

Shabbo says to Didun, we have seen many like Abeer but no one could do anything against us. Didun says but Abeer is madly in love with Neerja and when someone is in love they can do anything. Shabbo Rani says what if Abeer saves Neerja. Didun says I have to do something to stop Abeer. 

Didun meets Moushmi and tells her she’s not a fan of frequent visits. Didun warns Moushmi to stop Abeer from visiting Sonagachi, or it will affect their family’s reputation. She threatens not to spare Abeer if he causes trouble again. Moushmi warns she can’t take action against them, but Didun insists she should stop Abeer or her husband might visit Sonagachi again. Didun suggests Trisha should marry Abeer, stating he’s a good guy. Didun leaves afterward.

Abeer arrives at the location, searching for the girls. He’s wondering if those girls agreed to go with them. They’re looking for the address but notice no one’s in the house, raising suspicion. Abeer observes signs of recent activity and tells Sarthak it looks like someone was there just moments ago. Sarthak asks where they could be, realizing Didun abducted them right on time. Chakri tells Didun she didn’t inform Abeer about anything, mentioning Shabho Rani knew about it. Didun was upset, as Chakri disclosed everything to Abeer. Didun decides not to tolerate it and punishes Chakri.

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Neerja offers water to Protima, but she refuses until her daughter gets justice. Neerja feels she can’t change her fate, but Protima believes God needs to acknowledge she’s a mother too. Shefali tells Protima about the upcoming hearing, promising to help reduce Neerja’s sentence. Neerja is ready to accept punishment for her actions out of love but doesn’t want Protima to suffer. Later, Didun prepares for Neerja’s hearing, mentioning Sonagachi isn’t a place for love and how she’s running a business there. Shabbo Rani is asked to relocate the girls. The prosecutor insists Neerja should be punished for involvement in trafficking. Didun rushes to the hearing, discussing Neerja’s situation on the phone. The lawyer argues in Neerja’s favor, urging the judge to investigate thoroughly. The prosecutor demands a ten-year sentence. Abeer arrives at the scene.

Pre cap: Abeer says he has proof and a witness. Abeer gets girls who Didun tried to sell. Abeer also gets proof that Protima is innocent. Didun is sent to prison.