Dabangii 17th June 2024 Written Episode Update

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Zai calls Eklavya and asks Eklavya when is he going to come home. Eklavya says he is on the way. Zai acts as if Arya she ran into Arya. Zai asks Arya what is she trying to do. Arya asks Zai not to be too hyper and says it is not good for the baby. Zai scolds Arya. The servant sees it from afar. The servant asks Bela to come quickly saying there is an argument going on in between Arya and Zai. Arya tries to leave but Zai stops Arya and holds her. Arya pushes Zai a little to get out of her hold. Bela, Naina, Kasturi and Eklavya see Arya pushing Zai down the stairs. Bela worries for Zai. Arya says she tried to save Zai. Bela asks Arya to stop her acting and says she saw with her own eyes that Arya pushed Zai down the stairs. Ankush asks Bela to stop it and says Arya would never do something like that.

Bela says to Ankush that he has gone blind in Arya’s love and says he can’t see that Arya is trying to hurt Zai. Ankush comments on Bela. Eklavya says he also saw it and says it might not be Arya’s intention but it happened. Kasturi asks them to stop their argument and says Zai is waking up. Zai says to her family that if anything happens to her son she will not live. Eklavya asks Zai not to worry and says they will do sonography right away to make sure the baby is fine. Zai says she is fine. Zai’s family still says she will have to give to make sure the baby is fine.

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Naina comes to Arya and says to Arya that she shouldn’t have pushed Zai down the stairs and comments on her. Naina says Satya’s blood in her might be making her do this. Naina asks Arya to leave from here and leaves from there.

The doctor takes Zai to do sonography. Bela asks Eklavya to talk to Ankush and make him see that Arya is after Zai’s life.

All the family members come to see the sonography. The doctor according to Zai’s instructions says to Zai’s family that the baby is only 3 weeks and the baby is fine. Naina and Jaanrao see through the video call that Zai is fine. Bela sees Arya in the video call and comments on her. Kasturi sees the heart beating in the sonography and thinks how could the heart beat if Zai is just 3 weeks pregnant.

It is shown Zai tricks the doctor into lying for her and asks the doctor to hide the truth that she is 2 months pregnant. The doctor agrees.

Jaanrao comes to Arya and asks Arya to leave from here and says he will also come with here as everyone here is only misunderstanding her. Arya says to Jaanrao that she will leave alone and asks Jaanrao to stay with Naina. Jaanrao agrees.

Eklavya comes to Arya and says to Arya that it doesn’t look like she will even be able to stay for a week. Arya asks Eklavya not to worry and says she will leave day after tomorrow. Zai overhears their conversation.

Precap: Kasturi says she knows her baby doesn’t belongs to Eklavya and says she will tell the truth to the family.