Bhagya Lakshmi 17th June 2024 Written Episode Update

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Malishka tells Neelam that Rishi has lied to them that he left to Pune but the truth is that he went to search for Parvati and Lakshmi. Aanchal says it’s a good thing that Rishi has went to search for Parvati. Neelam clarifies to Aanchal that Rishi wants to protect Lakshmi and Parvati that’s why he lied to them. Neelam says to Malishka not to worry and says they will make Rishi come here. Malishka asks Neelam how will she do that. Neelam says Rishi will return after learning my health is not good.

Lakshmi asks Parvati why she is staring at her. She asks if her dress is not good. Parvati tells her that she is looking beautiful and asks her to smile. Lakshmi thinks Rishi used to say the same. She smiles. Parvati calls Lakshmi near her. She asks Lakshmi if she is beautiful like her. Lakshmi tells her that she is more beautiful than her. She asks if they can go to function. Parvati agrees.

Lakshmi collides with Rishi. She sees Rishi in a South Indian dress. He asks Lakshmi if he is looking good. Lakshmi agrees. Paro tells him that he is looking great. She wards off the evil eye from Rishi and tells him that they 3 look the same. Rishi hugs Paro and kisses on her forehead. Paro tells Rishi that she is going to talk to Ananya and leaves from there.

Lakshmi takes Rishi to a room and closes the door. Rishi tells her that he doesn’t want to argue with her anymore. Lakshmi cries and folds her hands in front of him. Rishi asks her what happened. Lakshmi tells Rishi that she loves Paro so much. She asks Rishi not to take Parvati away from her. Rishi assures her that nothing is more important to him than her happiness. He asks Lakshmi to trust him. He tells Lakshmi that they can move on in life like friends. He tells her that he will support her and be with her in all tough times. Lakshmi cries. Rishi wipes Lakshmi’s tears and leaves from there. It was shown that Ishita’s mother and Grandmother overheard everything.

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Ishita’s Grandmother tells Ishita’s mother that Lakshmi and Rishi are divorced so I will not let them be part of Ishita’s wedding rituals. Ishita’s mother says it’s just a misunderstanding. Ishita’s Grandmother says she will unveil the truth and leaves from there. Ishita’s mother sees Lakshmi is coming out. She tells Lakshmi that they overheard their conversation. She advises Lakshmi to reconcile with Rishi who loves her so much. Lakshmi looks on.

Neelam asks Malishka to call Rishi. Malishka tells Neelam that Rishi will not pick up their calls. Neelam doesn’t listen to her and calls Rishi but Rishi doesn’t attend her calls.

Lakshmi admires Rishi. Rishi comes to Lakshmi and asks her if she wants to tell him anything. Vijay sees Rishi’s phone is ringing. He decides to give phone to Rishi. Ananya takes Rishi with her before Lakshmi tells her feelings. Paro comes to Lakshmi and tells her that she and Rishi look great together. Lakshmi hugs Paro and tells her that she feels the same. Paro feels happy. She takes Ananya from there. Rishi asks Lakshmi to tell what she wants to tell him.

Episode ends.