Chand Jalne Laga 27th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Tara requests Deva to return Sehgal Mansion

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Chand Jalne Laga 27th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Shagun telling Tara that he is their new client, Mr. Malik. Deva says it seems Tara is not happy hearing this. Tara says it is not like that. He asks did you sign the contract. She gives the contract papers to him. He asks her to come. Shagun and Tara walk behind him. Shagun tells Tara that Mr. Malik made AV to introduce us to his property. Tara sees the AV and get shocked to know that Sehgal house is the first venture of Malik estate and it will be soon converted into boutique hotel. Deva says it will be called as Malik estate. Tara is shocked. Shagun says I just love it and asks Tara if it is her heritage property. Deva says Tara Sehgal is The Sehgal, and says destiny makes us meet. Tara asks who sold you this property? Deva says Raunaq Sehgal. Tara says my brother can’t sell it until my Baba signs the property, and asks him to clarify with him. Deva shows her father Vanraj’s sign. Tara gets teary eyes and is about to go. Deva asks her to come to the party and says the address is Malik estate.

Soni tries to fit Ananya in short dress and the zip breaks. Tara comes there and asks Raunaq if he sold Sehgal estate by taking their father’s signs. Raunaq says yes. Tara slaps him hard. Raunaq says you have raised your hand on me. Sartaj asks Raunaq, what is the deal amount? Tara asks him to cancel the deal and come with her. Raunaq refuses and tells her that Baba doesn’t care for you in our childhood and used to hate you. Tara says now he listens to just me, and tells that it has her mother’s memories. He says I have lost my mother due to you, you didn’t see her also.

Mrs. Malhotra and Shagun are already in Deva’s party. Mrs. Malhotra tells that she heard that a boy has burnt the navratri pandal and many people died. Deva says nothing can be said, what had happened then? Mrs. Malhotra and Shagun praise him.

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Tara brings Raunaq there and recalls Vanraj’s words. Deva welcome them. Tara says she wants to talk to him. Deva introduces them to the guests as the old owners of the property. Shagun comes and says you are always late. Deva tells Mrs. Malhotra that if Tara will work on this property then she can hide many secrets of this haveli. He tells other guest that he has hired the ex owner to restoration of this property. Tara says we need to talk. Deva asks if Raunaq didn’t tell you about this deal, so you want to know about the money. Tara says she wants to talk to him and says why don’t you understand. He breaks the plate accidentally. Tara says we really need to talk. Shagun asks what did you do Tara? Deva says we will talk and asks guests to enjoy the party. Tara asks Deva to take back his cheque and says my brother has taken my father’s sign by cheat, and asks him to return their house to them. He says it seems like a mother has come to the toy shop, and says sorry I am not the toy seller, and says this party is for this house. Tara says you can find a reason for Party, but we can’t search another reason to live. She says it was my home, my Papa’s home, and my Baba had brought my Mother home after their marriage. She pleads infront of him. Deva gets emotional, but recalls Tara lying to police which leads to his arrest. He takes the cheque and goes to the party. He tells Tara that he has understood her emotions and will not let her go empty handed. He brings the suitcase and tells that he understood that she has come here to get more money from him. He says when you have shown your cheapness, then see my generosity. He takes out money bundles and throws at her. Raunaq picks the notes and keeps in his pocket.

Episode ends.