Anupama 28th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama Is Peaceful as Samar Gets Justice


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Baa talks to someone on phone and tells that her grand son got justice. She says she has guests at home and ends the call. Kavya says Samar will not return, but atleast Shivansh will not do this with others. Babu ji says we had lost hope but Anupama has made this possible. The guest says Mother shall be like this and asks where is Vanraj? Kavya comes to Vanraj and says everyone is asking about you. He says Anupama got justice for Samar, I am happy, but still I am sad of losing my son, don’t know how I will bear this pain lifelong. Dimpy says Mummy made Samar get justice, but Papa not coming out of depression. Toshu says medicine is not affecting. Babu ji says we shall see another doctor. Toshu says I know a doctor. Baa is upset with him and asks him to send a card to him on father’s card from America. Toshu says I want to be a good son and you are not letting me. Kavya asks Baa to leave it and tells that they will manage. Babu ji thinks Anupama must have slept peacefully.

Anuj admires Anupama while she is sleeping and thinks how can anyone so look cute, uff. He takes off the bad sight in Anupama’s way. Malti Devi thinks she got peace reading the newspaper and says God has protected my son, else Anupama has risked her husband. She says I couldn’t become a mother, and everyone can see this, but Anupama couldn’t become a good wife and nobody see this. She thinks she has returned and will handle her son, his house and daughter. Anuj thinks his morning happens seeing the moon. Anupama wakes up and says good morning Kapadia ji. Anupama hugs him and says Samar came in my dream and said that he is happy. Anuj says even I am happy that Samar got justice. Anupama says Devika and you was there with me. Anuj says he wants to say poetry to her, and says dil bewakhoof hai..and gives her rose. Anupama thanks him. Anuj tells that social media, news, newspaper, TV has become my heart, as your name is everywhere…Anupama kapadia. Anupama says you are getting very romantic. Anuj says you are looking so beautiful. He says he got many calls since morning for your interview. Anupama says she don’t want to give interview, and says I did this as it was a mother’s duty and any mother would have done the same.

Malti Devi asks Choti if your Mummy woke up. Choti says no. Malti Devi asks what about your Papa? Choti says he was waiting for Mummy to wake up. Anupama tells that he is her courage, and will never lose her, even if she loses everything. She says sorry and says I was broken when Samar left, and I couldn’t see your pain and couldn’t understand whatever you tried to make me understand. She says whatever happened with you was wrong, and I couldn’t see your loneliness. Anuj tells that he is not alone. He says he is her reflection, and regards her as his identity, and he can’t be upset with her. He says we can get angry on each other, might don’t want to see each other’s face or don’t talk, but Anuj and Anu can never separate. Anupama says never and hugs him. She says I couldn’t give time to you and choti, but will give now, she will concentrate on their family. He asks can we live normal life for Samar. Anupama nods her head in agreement and says yes for Samar. She says she wants to thank Devika also. Anuj says he has plan surprise for her and asks her to rest, and says he will make breakfast for her. Anupama says I have to make tiffin ready for Choti. Anuj says take rest and give a chance to your husband. Anupama says ok and asks him to add more sugar in tea. Anuj asks her to lie down on the bed. Anupama says you are best. Anuj says I know. Anuj thinks wife works non stop all day, and thinks one morning shall be there when husband takes care of her.

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Malti Devi teaches dance to Choti and asks her to get ready to go to School. She says she will make food for her tiffin. She comes to Anuj and asks what you are doing? He says his mother has taught him cooking and tells that he is making food for Anupama. Malti Devi asks what is she doing? Anuj says she is sleeping. He says Anu is so much stressed due to Vanraj’s health condition, Pakhi and Adhik, Toshu and Kinjal etc. Malti Devi says Vanraj is her ex husband, she shall not worry for him. Anuj says he is a human and they share a past, whatever it was. He says you can’t understand and goes. Barkha comes and provokes Malti Devi saying Anuj and Anupama love each other a lot madly.

Anuj surprises Anupama and brings her to the hall. Anupama sees the food he has made. Romil says he is proud of her. Malti Devi does their aarti and praises Anupama, Anuj and Choti. Anupama says she couldn’t do this without Anuj and Devika’s support. Choti tells Anupama that she shall take care of her now. Anupama says ok. Anuj makes Anupama have breakfast. Baa is coming home and sees Dimpy having chaat with a couple and does hi five with the guy. The neighbors see that too and asks baa to control her, she shall not do this. Baa comes there and takes Dimpy from there. Dimpy asks what happened?

Anupama gets Babu ji’s message, and he asks her to come home if she can. She replies that she will come later.

Precap: Malti Devi says he is not my son, but just Anupama’s husband. Anupama asks Dimpy to live life to the fullest. Pakhi tells Adhik that nobody cares for her, just cares for Dimpy, and cries. Malti Devi comes to her.