Chand Jalne Laga 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Raunaq returns, Soni to execute her plan

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Chand Jalne Laga 24th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Farwari asking Deva why did eh name her Farwari and says people asks me if I am mistaken, but I tell them that my name is Farwari. He says it is good that I found you in Farwari (February), else would have named you April fool if I had found you in April. He says I should have kept your name as Amavas as there was no moon in the sky. She runs behind him. Deva collides with Tara and falls. Tara holds him in romantic pose. They look at each other. Tara says I can’t hold you for more. They fall down together. Deva and Tara look at each other. Chand jalne laga plays…..Farwari smiles. They get up. Deva says nothing has happened. She says I didn’t ask. Tara says she needs a favor. Deva asks again, and says favor proves costly for me. Tara tells him that she needs off, as Chachi asked her to come for Diwali. Farwari says I give off to you. Deva looks at her. Farwari says even off to you too and asks them to give her gift. Soni sends the decorator and cuts the electricity wire. Sartaj says he has sent Sunita for 2 days off. She then switches on the switch, and Sartaj feels the current. She tells that the fire will be caught due to these wires, and both father and daughter will be burnt, and then our happy Diwali will be set.

Farwari asks Tara how does she celebrate Diwali? Tara says with the family and invites them to come and celebrate Diwali with them. Farwari says she will definitely come. Vasant kaka comes there. Tara asks Deva to light the diya. Soni keeps the saree in Tara’s room and says happy Diwali. Farwari tells Deva that she likes this girl and asks him to come to her house. Deva says she is a betrayal. Farwari says when he came from London, he had revenge in his eyes, but now something else in his eyes. A guy is looking at the house. Raunaq comes there and asks the driver of the tempo to ring the bell until everyone wakes up.

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Sartaj and Soni see Raunaq coming there. Soni says he has betrayed us. Sartaj asks why did he come? Raunaq gets inside and greets everyone. Tara slaps him hard and asks why did he come here to show, how he is living the life luxuriously. Raunaq says I came to apologize. Tara says you have swallowed Baba’s dream and my last hope, and says baba used to stay in temple due to you all night. Raunaq says I realized my mistake and that’s why I have come. He apologizes to Sartaj. Sartaj forgives him. Raunaq gives him latest phone and says he has invested the money, and will get the double amount next year. Sartaj asks are you sure? Raunaq says yes. He gifts Tara, but she refuses to take the gift and goes. Raunaq tells that they have to upload the things from the truck. Soni stops Sartaj and says if our plan gets ruined because of him, then. Sartaj assures her that their plan will not ruin.

Later in the night, Raunaq comes to Tara’s room and steals her jewellery. He calls goon and says he is sending the first installment. The goon asks him to clear all the loan in 7 days, else he will kill him on the 8th day.

Farwari comes to Deva and asks him to drop her at Tara’s house. He refuses and says he will book a cab for her. Later he thinks Tara invited him and says cabs are not available so he will drop him. Tara takes the saree and thinks if something is in this saree.

Episode ends.