Bigg Boss 17 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Salman exposes Vicky and Munawar’s game

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Weekend Ka Vaar

Salman welcomes everyone to the episode. He says Bigg Boss told these inmates to wake up as half of the season has passed already. Vicky and Munawar are using people as puppets. We asked the inmates who do they think use people as puppets more than the other? Lets see.

In the House:

Mannara: She says Vicky is a big puppeteer as Sana gets influenced by him.

Samarth: He says Munawar is smart so he is a big puppeteer. He influences Sana too.

Abhishek: He says people are acting as Vicky’s followers like Arun and Tehelka. He calls Vicky a puppeteer for them.

Khanzaadi: She says Abhishek is a puppet for Munawar so him.

Tehelka: He says Abhishek is shameless to calls us followers. He says Munawar is his puppeteer.

Arun: He says Abhishek is a puppet for Munawar.

Ankita: She says my husband is smart and Abhishek even said that he doesn’t care if he is being called Vicky’s pain. So he was Vicky’s puppet.

Jigna: She says Vicky was controlling Sana so she is a puppet.

Rinku: She says both are smart puppeteer but Vicky has been controlling Arun.

Neil: He says Khanzaadi has become a puppet for Vicky.

Isha: She says Vicky can manipulate people and lies a lot. I think Khanzaadi has become his puppet.

Anurag: He says Vicky says he is guiding people but people become his followers. Arun has become his puppet.

Aishwarya: She says Arun and Tehelka feel like Vicky’s puppet.

Sana: She says Vicky is not manipulative. I want Arun to have his own point of view but right now he is Vicky’s puppet.

Abhishek tells Vicky that I never felt like you were using me as a puppet. Vicky says I was just guiding you.

Arun tells Tehelka that Abhishek used to call Vicky as his guru and now he is misbehaving with him. Arun says they were all following Vicky before he came here. Tehelka says Aishwarya doesn’t even know what she is doing here.

Sana tells Jigna that you were my priority but you started nominating me. Jigna says I saved you too. Sana says you behave rudely with me, you don’t even talk to me much. Jigna says you also don’t talk to much. Sana says you just put the blame on me for everything.

Abhishek tells Vicky that Samarth talked to me and said that you backbited about me. Vicky says I promise I never said anything about you to him. Samarth’s whole game is shifting words here and there because no one is taking him as a threat but he is being successful in what he is doing. You just have to be smart with him. Abhishek says he told me that you said to him that Isha is still playing the game around Abhishek and Samarth should take a stand. Vicky says I just told him that he might get lost in in Isha and Abhishek’s game as you both were here from before. Arun comes there and says we want to clarify about him calling us followers of yours. Vicky says just give me some time. Arun leaves. Abhishek tells Vicky that I realized that Samarth is a *****. Vicky says he is. Abhishek says he tried to provoke me and called me your pet project. Vicky says Samarth has been acting like a ****. He provokes people.

Ankita tells Sana to clarify things with people, I think Mannara is trying to use as a puppet because she thinks she is your friend. She wanted to control you and if she can’t then she tries to provoke you.

On the Stage:

Salman connects to the house. He says the majority of you people think that Vicky is a puppeteer. Vicky wanted that since he started and now he has been crowned as a mastermind. Munawar is in the 2nd position. He says you people think you are God and can plan things. This house is about emotions but you both are playing like politicians. He says Anurag said that he earns from his army. Anurag says I said that they made me reach here. Munawar says he said that he earns because of them. Salman says he should be helping them and making them earn but he earns from those poor people. He tells him to be careful of what he talks about his army as they might be Salman’s fans too. Anurag tries to talk but Salman says I don’t want to talk to you.

Salman says Mannara, Aishwarya, Ankita, Tehelka, Jigna, Arun, Khanzaadi, Isha, Samarth and Abhishek have become Vicky or Munawar’s puppets and they don’t even realize it. Except for Neil and Rinku, you all have become Munawar or Vicky’s puppets. He says Neil and Rinku know what puppeteers are doing but you don’t talk up. Rinku says yes you are right. Salman says Vicky wakes up every day and think how many people are on his side then he thinks that his guarantee which is his wife is with him and his wife is friends with Munawar so lets become friends with Munawar so he can control them. Then Munawar says if he can be a politician then he can be logical so they can strategize. Vicky calculates on how many numbers they need. They strategize to keep 4 people under control and don’t let them stray. They can use those people and once done then they are easy to discard if they are not given importance, they will be eliminated. You know who those people are? These people are Tehelka, Arun, Sana, Isha and Samarth. Munawar says we were talking about safe game. Salman says so Vicky is playing a cowardly game? no one is playing a brave game. Abhishek says I am. Salman says this is not a task, you apologized to Vicky so many times after doing a task, how can your personality change in a task? are you two-faced?

Salman tells Mannara that you are in the same boat, you want Munawar for friendship, for fighting and everything but if you don’t get him then its on Bigg Boss. Mannara says I said it in a funny way. Salman says you are just a complaining child. You keep complaining about Munawar to Anurag and then Vicky-Ankita. She says yes. Salman says if you are brave then you can talk to them directly.

Salman says lets come back to Munawar and Vicky. He says Bigg Boss jokes with you people because you both are so analytical and boring. You both don’t look entertaining. Bigg Boss is helping Vicky otherwise people will think Ankita got such a boring husband. Ankita laughs. Salman says lets talk about them both.. I mean Munawar and Vicky, holding hands too. I mean it was someone else (taunting Sana and Vicky holding hands). Ankita asks who held whose hand? Salman says I will give you a hint. Don’t get into a legal matter. Munawar laughs and says I understand. Salman says it didn’t look innocent. Munawar says it was purely innocent. Salman says you are defending yourself, it means you held someone’s hand too? All laugh. Salman says lets move on.

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Salman says Vicky and Munawar kept plotting and said that they have to control Khanzaadi and Mannara. Vicky said that I have told Ankita to befriend them both. Ankita says I am clueless, I have a good bond with Mannara and Khanzaadi. Mannara says I have no bond with her. Ankita says I don’t know about Vicky and Munawar’s plots. Salman says the message between them also said that Ankita has no clarity of the game, I told her to look at the gravity of them. Vicky also thought of hiring an intern so he chose Anurag and told him to find some people. Anurag says yes, he told me to get 7 people in a group. Salman says you people think I wouldn’t come here and talk about all this? Vicky laughs. Salman says the intern didn’t work so he chose Samarth as his 2nd intern and told him that he is unable to control his girlfriend, his wife does what he wants.

Salman asks if anyone is clueless to Vicky and Munawar’s planning and plotting? They say no. Salman says it means you all agree to their plotting and not raising voices? They both also decide who is important or not. They feed everyone about the standing of others in the game. They are not friends of anyone so no one is their strong enemy. He tells Arun that you knew about Vicky and Munawar’s game but once Vicky shifted in your house then he became your God. Arun says no, he never controlled us. Salman says remember the day of Abhishek and Vicky’s fight. Vicky decided in the morning that he would fight with Abhishek and then he did. Vicky says I wasn’t playing safe. Salman says Vicky becomes ethically and morally wrong in fights. Like you told Rinku that if Abhishek had misbehaved with his wife outside the house then he would have killed him and he has the power to do so. Vicky says I was just angry. Salman says we all know that we don’t have that power but please be careful of your words, don’t live in your ego because you are rich? be humble. You keep flexing that Bigg Boss talks to you because you are his favorite.

Salman says people are complaining that we are giving fewer tasks this season, we are doing it because then your fake and boring relationships will be exposed in the tasks. Abhishek is irritating, Khanzaadi goes off the track. This show is about real relationships. He tells Munawar that I thought you would have loyal friendships but you are making fake relationships for Vicky’s sake. You are sacrificing your real friends too. People are agreeing to you both just to be safe from nominations. I can tell you what will happen after the episode. You people will be given masala. The first one will be Ankita, Vicky will tell her that Bigg Boss wants him to be stronger that’s why the episode was dedicated to him. Munawar will cry, say some poetry and then repeat the same old. He says if Arun and Tehelka can become real friends then why not you Munawar? Even Abhishek and Samarth passed their differences and became friends. Neil is playing alone. All laugh.

Salman tells Mannara that she has a misunderstanding that Bigg Boss has tied her to Munawar. We never did that, you did it. If you don’t think he is your friend then move on. You spent the whole week crying over Munawar not telling her about his girlfriend. You say you are not slipping for him but then you act like this. Your words and behaviour don’t add up.

Salman tells Sana that you were angry at Jigna for insulting you but what about Vicky insulting you? what right did he have? Sana says I gave it back to him. Salman says no, you sat with him later on, you spent a lot of time with him. He tells Anurag that if you got angry when Arun brought up a girl in a hotel with you then why did you bring up Munawar dating an underage girl before? Anurag says Arun said that. Arun says I never said that. Salman says Arun told you something but then you added more and told this to Mannara. He ends the call.

In the house:

Ankita tells Mannara that I had a real relationship with you and Khanzaadi. You both can talk to me, why were you clapping when he said that it was planned? Mannara says why are you shouting? Ankita says you were clapping and making faces. Mannara says I told you we have no bond, don’t talk to me. Ankita says this is how you behave. Mannara shouts at Ankita that you attacked me at my lowest point and used Khanzaadi against me. We are not friends. Ankita says you are shouting. Mannara says I have no bond with you.

Anurag tells Munawar that I didn’t even know about your ex. Arun says I just said that Munawar uses girls to play the game.

Mannara tells Ankita that I have no bond with you. Ankita shouts that I was trying to have a bond with you. She tells Khanzaadi that I didn’t even know about their plotting. Mannara tells Ankita that you put me down when I was at my lowest. She even used Khanzaadi. Ankita says I am still trying. Mannara says then don’t do it. I don’t stoop low like you, I don’t play games like you. Ankita says keep shouting.

Munawar tells Abhishek that I always ignored teasing with Mannara. I don’t know why Salman talked about her slipping.

Mannara tells Ankita that I don’t feel anything for you, I would never have a bond with you. You are just a player. I can have a bond with anyone but never with you. Khanzaadi asks Mannara to end it. Ankita cries and shouts that she is so rude. Mannara shouts I don’t want to be friends with you.

On the Stage:

Salman welcomes Murlidharan cricketer. He promotes his biopic. Salman signs off from the episode.

Update in Progress Orry enters the house as a wild card entry. He introduces himself. Ankita and Vicky talk on a video call to their mothers. Vicky starts crying. Ankita says don’t worry, I will manage with Vicky here. Vicky’s mother tells her that they never fought in the house but they are fighting so much here, you both should be loving to each other.

Khanzaadi tells Jigna to not joke about her health. Later on, Salman tells Khanzaadi to stop crying about her health. Khanzaadi says I can’t take jokes on my physical health. Khanzaadi says I want to go home. Salman asks Khanzaadi if she wants to go home? she cries and says yes. Salman opens the door and asks her to come out. Khanzaadi breakdowns and cries more.