Bigg Boss 17 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update

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Day 39

8 AM

The contestants wake up to BB anthem, they all dance to it.

8:45 AM

Ankita tells Mannara that this will be interesting now. Sana tells Vicky that she won’t do any duties, will you give me food? Vicky says you will be seen as Khanzaadi then.

Mannara tells Abhishek that she sympathizes with Khanzaadi but she can’t be her friend. She says so much happened with her but I am not sure if she is lying or telling the truth. Abhishek says even I couldn’t sit with her, she is very negative.

9:15 AM

Tehelka tells Arun that Abhishek is sitting with everyone. Arun says we became enemies because of Khanzaadi. They both leave. Jigna tells Isha that they go to the washroom together too, they need to clean up their minds.

Tehelka and Arun are checking their clothes. Vicky tells them to tidy up their clothes, at least not leave them on the sofa.

Khanzaadi asks Jigna if she can at least take an egg? Neil ignores her.

Vicky gives orders to Sana, Tehelka and Arun to clean up the space. Khanzaadi comes there and says Neil isn’t answering me now. Tehelka says Neil is just provoking Jigna and Rinku.

Sana tells Vicky that she wants to do the chopping. Vicky says other people are doing it so I can’t do it. Sana holds his pinky finger and asks him to convince others.

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1 PM

Samarth asks Munawar if he told Rinku that he wanted to nominate her? Munawar says Arun said that but then you didn’t. You shouldn’t argue with me before clarifying anything. Samarth says I was expressing myself. Munawar says you came here charging at me, you shouldn’t do that.

1:30 PM

Arun tells Samarth that he never told Munawar that he wanted to nominate Rinku. Vicky says Rinku’s name came up in the discussion

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that this house was clean and nice but see what you have done. He shows them pictures of trash and messy rooms

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