Doree 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Ganga accepts Kailashi’s deal

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Scene 1
Kailashi says I beg you to give us your talent. Everyone is shocked. She says the whole world will see your craft. You will get everything in the world. Kailashi says I apologize for all that my son did. Please accept my offer. Ganga recalls everything. People ask him to accept it. Doree says wait.. She brings a cart. Doree gets on top of it and sits in front of Kailashi. She is angry. Doree says I will make the sarees for you. All of us basti people.

Vansh hits the servants with slingshots. They spill the food. He says you spilled my food. Mansi comes there. She asks the servants to leave, He says I didn’t do it. She says the same way you didn’t try to hit Doree. He says I wasn’t near the temple. She says I did speak about the temple. Mansi says this is so wrong. Harming people is a sin. He says a woman can’t tell a man what’s right or wrong. He leaves in anger.

Ganga says they’re all my family. If I earn and they remain hungry, I won’t like it. Doree says deal? Kailashi shakes hands with her. Everyone claps. Kailashi says I promise if Ganga works with us, every worker here will get work. People thank her. Kailashi says I will let you know when to start Ganga. Doree says can you stay for one more minute? Mansi picks the food. Sudha heps her. Sudha says kids are like molds. They become the shape you game them. Vansh’s mold isn’t right. The Mansi I knew had such motherhood and love to give. You were so happy when you were pregnant then why did your motherhood died? Mansi recalls when her daughter was taken away. Mansi says my motherhood was taken away from me. Sudha asks what do you mean? Mansi says I mean.. Anand says she means maa has always taken care of Vansh, Mansi didn’t get a chance to show her love. Mansi says you and I have the same story. You couldn’t give birth and hence couldn’t be a mother. I couldn’t become a mother even after giving birth.

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Doree says you got one gift for us, so here’s one from us. She gives her bangles. Dadi says these are of shagun. Kailashi says I’ve to go now. Kailashi throws the bangles on road in anger. Nani does Ganga’s pooja. Everyone appreciates and thanks Ganga and doree. They apologize to them. Doree says to Ganga you will rule the world. Ganga hugs her.

Scene 2
Kailashi comes to the river. She throws all her jewelry in it. Kailashi is angry about the poor people touching her. She jumps in the water to clean herself. She says I had to step in the mud. I had to stand with people who’re worth my shoes. She kept insulting me. I will never forget it. I will show her what mistake she did by insulting me.

Episode ends