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Day 57

11:30 PM

Abhishek tells Vicky that you wanted this only. Vicky says you are fake, get lost. I didn’t want to expose you but you are exposing yourself, get lost and cry in a corner. Abhishek says I am not a crybaby like you. Rinku tells Abhishek to stop it. Vicky says he shows a fake attitude. Vicky tells him to get lost saale. Abhishek says don’t curse me. Vicky says you want to provoke me now? Abhishek says you are scared, look at yourself. Your sister.. Vicky says you are cursing my sister? you are a *****. Abhishek says you are a *****. Ankita tries to calm down Vicky. Abhishek says he is crossing a line. Vicky says you are a *****. Abhishek says don’t say all that. Look at your relationship with Neil, you were friends with him but then you nominated him for the season. Vicky tells Neil to stop him. Neil says why are you charging at me? don’t take out anger on me for no reason. Vicky says why is he taunting me about you? Abhishek says he is just crying because of his fake relationships here. He is brainless and has gone crazy.

12:15 AM

Vicky tells Isha that I am tired of Abhishek provoking, I have certain limits too. Isha says he crosses a line and then he realizes his mistake and cries about it.

Abhishek tells Neil that Isha and Samarth didn’t even stop Vicky from fighting.

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Anurag asks Mannara why is she not giving lecture?

Ankita tells Munawar that he has changed. Munawar says I can’t listen because of the step I have to take.

Mannara tells Anurag that she doesn’t trust him anymore. He says I am still trying to mend things with you, you also share my secrets with others. Mannara says you are playing a good game but leave me alone. Anurag says at least don’t disrespect our bond.

Rinku tells Aishwarya that Isha was provoking Vicky to fight with Abhishek. Aishwarya says she got overconfident because she got praised. Rinku says it will take her down.

Anurag tells Mannara that she can nominate him if she wants but he still wants her as a friend. Mannara tells Anurag that everyone’s game will be exposed in the nomination task but I don’t want to mend things with you anymore. Anurag says fine and leaves.

Mannara tells Rinku and Munawar that Anurag said he still wants to be friends even if I want to nominate him. Munawar says he mentioned it because he is playing the game.

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