Udaariyaan 11th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Ekam slaps Raja


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The Episode starts with Aasma’s dupatta catching fire. Armaan saves her. Ekam gets a blanket and covers up Aasma. He pours water and puts off the fire. Armaan hugs Aasma. Alia starts acting and asks are you fine. She scolds Raja for putting kerosene on Aasma. Raja says but Alia… Alia says she is my sister, how can you do this. Raja says I didn’t do it intentionally, you told me… Ekam catches him and slaps. Armaan asks what are you doing. Ekam says he shouldn’t stay at home, he has no sense, he would have killed Aasma, what are you waiting for. Aasma says he didn’t know what’s in the pot. Ekam says anyone can get kerosene smell, he should be in the hospital. Armaan says don’t say anything about him. Ekam scolds him. Sukhi comes in front.

Alia smiles. Sukhi points the gun at Ekam. Ekam says shoot me. Everyone stops Sukhi and Ekam. Ekam scolds Armaan. Sukhi says I didn’t permit anyone to insult my family. Aasma and Rupy stop Ekam. Ekam says you both won’t stay here. He takes Aasma and Alia. Armaan asks Sukhi to leave the gun. Rano says calm down, Ekam lost control because Aasma’s life was in danger, he is a police officer. Sukhi asks what will he do, will he hang me. Armaan says sit down, don’t get angry on mummy, why do you get so much angry. Sukhi says I trust Aasma, she will get Ekam to senses. Aasma says Alia and I can’t leave this house, all the relations will break. Ekam says you shouldn’t stay here, come with me. Rupy says no, you can’t take them. He asks Aasma to handle everything. He takes Ekam with him. Aasma says I m sorry.

Alia smiles and says your puja plan failed, everything got spoiled, Ekam got upset. Aasma gets angry. Alia says think who has put kerosene in the pot and who asked Raja to pour it on you, think, use your mind. Armaan comes there. Alia sees him and acts. Armaan says stay away from Aasma, no need to come close to her, stop these clever things, else I will prove you did all this.

He asks Aasma to come. Alia says its okay, my work is done. She goes. Armaan and Aasma stand under the shower. He says I won’t let kerosene smell stay over your body, I was scared, I felt I lost you. Aasma hugs him and cries. She sees his burnt hand. He kisses her.

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Armaan goes to Raja and hugs him. Raja says I didn’t know about kerosene. Armaan says I know, don’t worry, Aasma is fine, come. Aasma comes. Armaan asks who asked you to put the water on Aasma. Raja recalls Alia’s words. He says Alia told me, she said Aasma takes care of us, we should respect her and pour water on her, I didn’t know about kerosene. Armaan says its okay, go to your room. Raja goes. Armaan gets angry. Aasma stops Armaan. She says no, I will answer her.

Alia hears songs and dances in her room. Aasma gets a pot. She pours kerosene on Alia. Alia asks what did you do. Aasma says same thing which you did, we will see how you feel. Alia asks do you want to kill me. Aasma says you wanted to do the same with me, lets play. Alia says you won’t do anything.

Aasma shuts the door. Alia says I m your sister, you won’t do this. Aasma says please shout, Alia. She scares Alia. She says I will call Ekam and ask him to take you, you don’t deserve to stay here. She lights the matchstick. Alia says no, please. She gets scared.

Aasma says you felt I m like you, you thought I m burn you alive, because you can do this, I can’t even imagine doing this with anyone, I m not like you, Alia, I had just added kerosene in the water for its smell, don’t try to forget this, I will not leave you, stop playing with my family’s happiness, I know to clear dirt without making my hands dirty. She leaves. Alia gets angry. Sukhi recalls Ekam’s words and drinks. He scolds Rano. She asks him to have some food and then take medicines. He says let me die, Armaan has locked me here, you want me to have food. He throws the glass. He scolds Rano. Everyone hears them. Neetu says poor Rano, Sukhi will vent his anger on her. Aasma worries. Dadi stops Aasma and says don’t go. Aasma says I will just see. Rano says sorry, have the food once. Sukhi slaps her. She falls down. Aasma looks on shocked.

The episode ends