Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Rishi refuses to return without Lakshmi


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Lakshmi says that Bau jee did not tell her the condition of Lakshmi aunti, she says she knows what is going there as she heard their conversation, Neelam aunti is not eating anything, she has gotten a very big pain because the one whom she gave birth and raised him with all her strength, he left her which is entirely wrong, Lakshmi requests Rishi to go back as she is requesting him, Rishi tries to explain but Lakshmi replies she does not want to hear anything as a son is most important for his mother, she refuses to listen to anything saying Rishi is going back right now, hearing this Rishi gets worried.

Neelam is sitting on her bed, Karishma says she will ask Veer Bhai what has happened but Neelam asks her to not say anything as they will find the truth when Veer comes back, Karishma says that Rishi is coming back so she can at least start having this food, Neelam replies she will first feed Rishi with her own hands and then eat for herself, Dadi comes with the worker who is holding the juice, Dadi sits in front of Neelam asking her to have the juice otherwise she would get ill but Neelam refuses to eat anything until Rishi comes back, Dadi says that she is the mother in law of her but Neelam explains that she must not try to convince her to eat as she did the last time to stop her from leaving this house, Dadi says that Neelam should understand what Rishi desires for himself and is happy in doing, Neelam asks why has she come when she is insisting on what is wrong, Dadi says she cannot explain anything to her as she does not have a daughter in law so cannot understand her position. Dadi leaves.

Lakshmi tries to pull Rishi out of the house but he stops her requesting that she must not insist he leave, lakshmi asks if Rishi can hear what Bau Jee is saying as his mother has not eaten anything, Rishi replies even he is worried for his mother but his father would convince his mother to eat, lakshmi asks why would Bau jee has come here if he was able to convince Neelam aunti, Rishi asks Lakshmi who is wrong here because the desire of a mother to live away from her son is right but if he hs asked for his happiness then is wrong, Rishi says he is not blaming his mother but just saying that she is also wrong, Lakshmi asks him to not forget his duties as a son, Rishi replies that he is not forgetting anything but knows his mother only wants him to come back so she can once again get him married to Malishka, he asks if Lakshmi wants him to get married, Lakshmi says he should indeed get married hearing which everyone gets shocked.

Dadi is sitting in her room wondering what can she do since Neelam is not eating anything and if she stays like this then would get ill, Karishma knocks on the door of the room asking if she has called her here to talk, Dadi says she has called Karishma here to scold her questioning why is she supporting Neelam in her hunger strike because she needs to convince her, Karishma questions why is she blaming her when she has tried to explain everything to Neelam Bhabhi, saying they would think what to do about Rishi, Dadi replies that Rishi is never the problem.

Virender asks Lakshmi what is she saying, he informs that they both do not know how much they have done to get them back as a couple and now the time has finally come but why is she asking him to marry Malishka, Lakshmi replies because it is the right thing as no one can stay happy after hurting his mother and the truth is that Rishi also loves Malishka so after his marriage everyone would be happy. Rishi asks Lakshmi if he can at least take some decisions of his life as he loves Lakshmi and not Malishka, Lakshmi asks him to stop this talk and go back to his house, Rishi agrees to leave on a condition. Lakshmi asks if he has a condition to go back to his own mother, she questions what is he saying as it is wrong Rishi asks if right and wrong is also going to be one sided and Lakshmi would decide everything, Rishi says his mother thinks she is right and whatever he has decided for himself is wrong, Rishi agrees to go back to his house but has a condition, Virender questions who will accept the condition, Rishi replies that his mother and Lakshmi need to accept it.

Dadi says that Karishma should tell Neelam that everything should be better if Lakshmi gets married to Rishi, Karishma replies that she does not like Lakshmi and neither Neelam Bhabhi, Dadi asks why is Karishma saying something which cannot happen, Karishma asks what doe she mean, Dadi says the marriage of Rishi and Malishka as it can never happen, Karishma says that it will surely happen as this is what Neelam Bhabhi desires, she refuses to listen to anything of her mother suggesting that she should instead convince Rishi and her son Virender to accept that Lakshmi can never get married to Rishi, Dadi asks Karishma to leave, she gets worried sitting on the bed and so calls Virender.

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Virender asks Rishi what is his condition, he gets call from Maa and immediately asks if Neelam is fine, she replies that the condition of Neelam has put them in a lot of trouble, Virender says that she always tells that Bhagwan would handle everything if things go out of their hands, he assures he is coming back. Dadi starts praying.

Malishka is very excited in the room thinking her mother should come so she tells her that everything is going to happen according to their desires, Kiran asks if Rishi has returned but Malishka replies that Neelam aunti has showed her true will, Kiran does not understand so Malishka reveals she has stopped eating, Kiran asks how is it beneficial for them asking if Rishi has returned, Malishka replies that Neelam aunti has stopped eating so Rishi comes back and has even send Virender uncle to bring him back, Kiran prays that Rishi should return when Malishka replies that indeed it is very good for her.

Virender asks Rishi what is the condition, he says that Lakshmi needs to come with him back to their house and his mother needs to accept it, Lakshmi questions what is this foolish condition and Neelam aunti will never accept it and how can Rishi live in this place, Rishi replies he does not desire any luxury but just the support of Lakshmi, Rishi asks Virender if he has made any unjust request when Virender says Rishi is right to demand it, Lakshmi turning to Virender asks what is he saying, Rishi says he will not go back to the house because if he goes then might not be able to come back, Lakshmi gets worried saying that if anything happen to Neelam aunti then he would not be able to forgive himself.

Kiran is glad telling Malishka that it would surely cause a lot of happiness to her life, Sonal says she is worried that Rishi might come back with lakshmi, kiran says Sonal would always say wrong things, Malishka explains that Neelam aunti would not accept anything, sonal however is worried because Rishi went against his family and left with Lakshmi then sh might even come back, Malishka gets furious questioning who cares as Neelam aunti would never hear anything that Rishi says, Kiran says Sonal has made this good news so difficult.

Karishma asks Neelam if she is fine, she replies she is not that weak and used to keep the Varth, Karishma says that it was a long time ago, Kiran enters the room saying how she heard Neelam has stopped eating anything just for the sake of Malishka and Rishi, Neelam replies she surely cares for Malishka as only she can keep Rishi happy, Kiran asks if Rishi will come back, Neelam gets up saying that Rishi would indeed come back and hug her tightly.

Sonal asks Malishka if she is fine, Malishka replies that Sonal has said such weird things and is now asking her the reason she is worried, Sonal questions what wrong thing has she said since Rishi went from this house with Lakshmi and would bring her with him, Sonal says she just wants to be prepared from all the sides, Sonal explains she cares a lot for her because of which she is standing by her side, Malishka replies that she knows whatever Sonal is saying is the truth and this is why she is worried, Sonal says what if Lakshmi takes back Rishi with her if Neelam aunti does not let Lakshmi into the house.

Neelam is anxiously waiting for Rishi, Dadi asks Kiran when did she come, Virender in a sad manner enters the house so Neelam rushes to the door trying to see Rishi, Neelam questions if Virender did not tell Rishi that she was not able to eat and even drink anything, Neelam says that Virender would not have told Rishi because of which he has not returned otherwise he would call her standing at the door, Rishi calls Neelam as Mom while standing at the door, Neelam gets emotional seeing him and is not able to control herself but goes to hug him, Rishi also embraces her son, Virender however is really sad.