Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Malerao decides to leave the throne

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 3rd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ahilya arguing with Acharya ji. She says the dancers and their children are also our people, you are insulting a girl, she is a part of Malwa’s Praja. Acharya asks are we not a part of your Praja. She says surely yes. He says we were your Praja, we don’t want to become a part of Malwa now, we will leave Malwa and start our Dharam Peeth at some other place. Malhar says no, listen to me. He says we will not let anything unethical happen in this Holkar Palace, Ahilya said it right, I want to assure you, nothing wrong will happen here, you know me, I hope you will stand by me, I expected you to show us the path, you are insulting an innocent girl, everyone insults us, who gives her respect, we have to change perception to respect someone, you know it well.

Ahilya says it will be better if you understand our stand, Malerao wants to marry Kesar, Maina is asking justice, Maina is against this marriage, we aren’t able to decide, we are surrounded by dilemma, the reason isn’t Kesar’s background. Acharya asks can I talk to that girl. Malhar nods. He asks them to call Kesar. Kesar comes there.

Acharya asks her to come in front of him. She goes to touch his feet. He says enough, tell me, what’s your name, don’t get scared. She says Kesar. He asks her to say it aloud. He asks her mum’s name. He says everyone knows your mum’s name, Gulab Bai, she was a dancer, right, now tell me your father’s name. Malerao shouts Acharya ji…

He says you are Gyaani, you should use your knowledge to respect people, not to insult. Acharya argues. He asks Kesar to say about her father and lineage. Kesar shouts I don’t know and cries. Everyone feels sad for her. Acharya says you don’t know about your dad, your mum wasn’t with one man. Malerao says you have no right to insult Kesar in this manner, listen to me carefully, I m going to announce it, I will marry Kesar. Everyone is shocked. Malerao says you have no right to insult her. Acharya says I have a right to find about her character, you are Malwa’s prince, you shouldn’t be such foolish.

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He asks Malhar to say, if this marriage happens then how will you prove it legitimate, Kesar doesn’t know about her dad and family, you were teaching me ethics, did you teach this to Malerao. He asks Malhar to stop this wrong happening. He insults Kesar. He says Malerao, you are Malwa’s prince, prince becomes an ideal for Praja. Malerao says enough now, I don’t want to hear a word against Kesar.

He says she is Kesar, I don’t know who are her parents, who is her family, I m not interested in knowing this, I declare that I accept Kesar as my wife and I will marry her. Everyone is shocked. Malerao says its my personal matter, nobody has a right to change my decision or interfere in it. Acharya says stop, a prince can’t marry a dancer’s daughter, if you want to marry, then you have to leave the throne forever. Kesar asks Malerao not to do this and listen to Acharya. Malerao says no Kesar, I can’t leave you alone. Acharya says Malerao has to decide what will he do and take a swear also, so that he doesn’t change his decision later. Malerao goes to the temple and gets a kalash. He says I decide it, I leave the throne by my wish, I don’t want to become a prince. Everyone is shocked.

Kesar gets kidnapped. The guard says we got you on Ahilya’s word. The guards catch Malerao. Ahilya looks on.