Bhagya Lakshmi 19th December 2023 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Balwinder started crying on hearing that Lakshmi got married to Rishi. He says my life is ruined and asks why did you call me. Malishka tells that Rishi betrayed me. She says both Rishi and Lakshmi have betrayed us, first Lakshmi got you married to Kamli and ruined your life, and then she got married to Rishi. She tells that I have to take revenge from them and you shall also take revenge from them. She tells that Lakshmi has become mad. He says she was already mad behind Rishi, and tells that she left good guy like me, and married white complexion rich guy. Malishka tells him that Lakshmi has gone mad after an accident and has become like a child and asks them to take revenge from him. She says we shall get revenge from her. Balwinder says I am already married to Kamli, why to marry another guy. Malishka asks him to kidnap Lakshmi and then take her and marry her, and prove infront of everyone that he is her husband. She says Lakshmi will be fine as her treatment is going on. She says you will get Lakshmi and also money. Balwinder agrees and says he wants money and Lakshmi. Malishka thinks now Lakshmi will be gone from her way and shares her plan with him.

Ayush tells Sonia that they have done it so that Bhabhi don’t go to mental asylum. He says we don’t have any personal grudge against you. Neelam asks what happened? Ayush tells everything. Virender says you both have handled it well. Rano comes out of house and finds money bag. She thinks who has kept it and thinks now it is hers, and I have won a lottery. She goes inside and sees Balwinder there. Balwinder greets her. She asks how did you come inside? Balwinder says when you was looking in the bag, then I came here. He says he has kept the money. Rano asks from where you got the money. Balwinder asks her to count the money and tells that he wants small girl Lakshmi.

Rishi brings Lakshmi to the dining table and makes her sit. Neelam, Karishma and Sonia get upset seeing her. Virender asks Sonia not to get up. Sonia says she has to be humiliated for Lakshmi. Dadi says we are one family and shall help one another in family. Rishi says sorry and thank you to Sonia, and says because of you both Lakshmi is with me. Rano asks you want Lakshmi even now, and says she is married now, if Kamli comes to know then she will send you to jail. She returns his money and asks him to take his money and leave. She says Rishi loves Lakshmi so much that he brought her from mental asylum, and has now fooled Police too. Balwinder asks her to make Lakshmi elope from there, and tells that he gave her money even when she didn’t do her work. Neelam tells Rishi if Police comes to know that Lakshmi is here, then we all will get arrested. Rishi tells that nothing will happen, and says we did it to save Lakshmi and not any illegal thing. He says he don’t want any injustice to happen with her. Neelam says how treatment will happen now. He says he has talked to Doctor and her treatment will start soon. Virender says I am proud of you. Karishma says she will not be proud. Rishi smiles seeing Lakshmi having noodles.

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Balwinder tells Rano that he will give her so much money that Neha’s life will be better. Rano asks what is the work? Balwinder shares his plan? Rano agrees to do the work. She asks from where you got so much money? Balwinder says whenever Lakshmi comes in my life, money showers like rain. He says he will bring money and asks her to do his work. Rano asks him to go and thinks from where he got so much money and thinks someone might have given this. Later Rishi and Lakshmi applies tape on the tiles to play stapoo game. Rishi says he doesn’t know how to play? Lakshmi says I will teach you. She teaches him. Dadi says even I know to play the game. Lakshmi says you will play thirdly, as I found the stone and will play it first, and then Minto, and then you. She throws the stone on the ground. Neelam comes there and slips, and Rishi holds her. She gets angry and tells Rishi that his image has changed while he is taking care of her. Dadi says they are kids and enjoying. She asks Neelam to play the game after her. Neelam asks what you are saying? Dadi tells that she is trying to make her befriend her. Neelam says let her be scared to be in control and goes. Rishi tells Lakshmi that they shall play. Neelam says aunty will get angry. Rishi says if we play silently then nobody will scold us. Lakshmi asks him to play well. Rishi calls her teacher madam.

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