Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Puran reaches the chawl of Bhim sitting on a horse

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 19th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Mr Puranwala is with everyone saying he is feeling bad as they have no idea when they would meet again but he is glad as the hands that are going to uphold the law are honest. Bhim replies the future would be secure as people like him are the ones doing it. Mr Puranwala asks Bhim to keep his stick as it would serve as a remembrance so that when he hits an obstacle on his quest for justice then can use it, Bhim taking the stick asks what about him when Mr Puranwala assures he would reach back home as who else would know how to return back then a lawyer, Ramji says that he will come back after leaving Mr Puranwala to his house. Aanad comes saying he cannot find Puran kaka, Rama gets worried thinking what if he has gone to commit suicide, Bhim pleads with her to to not talk like this, they all leave searching for Puran and are calling him.

Bala and Aanad are also searching along with Deepak and Nandu but they are not able to find him, Rama even checks in the well but Bhim says he would not have done anything of the sort, Bhim sees him sitting beside the river so both Bhim and Rama go to him, Bhim asks why is he sitting here alone and must come back home, Puran replies he does not want to go anywhere as he was running for a long time, after his family died he was first sent to the police station then the jail but now he just wants to sit and relax, he says they have done a lot for him and suffered a lot but now should go back to their house while he would keep sitting here and when he gets tired then would decide where he will go. Bhim says his mother always used to tell him that they must surely bring a person who is tired to their house, so once the person leaves after being healthy then would give them a lot of blessings and praise, Bhim says that he needs a lot of praise and blessings due to which Puran must come with him, Rama also requests him to come saying she does not know how much he would like living with them but they would surely like it, Bhim says they would feel really glad thinking they can surely win the fight for justice, Aanad also comes requesting Puran to come with them to their house, Puran is forced to think for a moment then taking the hand of Bhim he starts crying while everyone standing there also gets emotional but Bhim asks him to stand up, Deepak stops them saying Puran kaka would not go like this, they ask what is he saying when Deepak says this is how Puran would go with them. Deepak points to a person bringing a horse with him. Deepak says that the biggest regret of his life is that his son suffered a lot for sitting on a horse but today he has won the fight and is going to sit on the horse, Bhim asks Puran to come and sit on the horse. Nandu helps Puran who is still very weak. Puran after sitting on the horse remembers the day when his son was about to get married so he arranged for a horse, Bhim starts walking with the owner of the horse while everyone else is walking beside him.

The worker returns while the manager is sitting, Lakshmi asks if he would say anything and so the worker reveals Bhim Rao won the case and Puran was released, lakshmi says she told the manager that Bhim does not know how to lose. The worker explains they are bringing Puran on a horse and would pass through here, lakshmi gets excited saying she would return after seeing it when Karuna asks what is the need to go as the people from the lower class are trying to take benefit from the upper class. Lakshmi tells the manager that she has never seen anyone from their class sit on a horse and so will return very soon, the manager deducts half salary of Karuna for coming late, she says she went to the hearing of Bhim Rao and suffered a loss.

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Bhim along with the rest of the family are walking while Puran is sitting on the horse, Lakshmi is not able to control her tears while seeing them, Aanad notices Lakshmi standing there so runs to her asking what is she doing here and why is she crying, Lakshmi says she has till now heard that tears are of happiness or suffering but today the tears are of hope, Aanad is not able to understand when lakshmi says that their children would also be allowed to sit on a horse on their wedding day and not suffer a fate like the son of Puran kaka. Aanad agrees saying it is all due to the efforts of Bhim, he informs he would keep arguing with Bhim Rao but now has realized that Bhim was right, Lakshmi is glad they belong to the family of Bhim Rao.

Meghant says that every time they tend to lose and Bhim Rao with the help of someone manages to win, even this time they thought of wining but are sitting empty handed. The lawyer says that all the other lawyers joined hands and they lost the case, Sethji says he feels they would not be able to win from Bhim Rao and he thinks they should stop this war from Bhim Rao, the son of Meghnat angrily warns Sethji to keep running his newspaper but if they have taken this rivalry then would surely go ahead with it. The worker comes telling Bhim Rao is taking Puran on a horse hearing which the son of Meghnat gets furious so orders him to bring some mud, he leaves angrily. Meghant questions what is he planning to do when he says that the people from the lower class are enjoying their victory but he is going to teach them a lesson.

Bhim Rao is walking while Puran is sitting on a horse, Jaggu says that he thought they would be able to live peacefully but now everyone would come and keep praising Bhim Rao, Jija Bai exclaims they would have to return here when Phulari is worried what would the elders from the upper class do after hearing about Bhim winning the case. Ramji is walking beside Puran informing him that this is their Chawl, Jija Bai angrily walks to the front when Deepak stops everyone asking his mother to come so they would welcome Puran. Jija Bai along with Jaggu are shocked, Deepak says that now Puran aka can come down from the horse, Ramji pays the horse owner who leaves, Bhim is the first one to welcome Puran after which they all start throwing petals at him, Puran is not able to control his emotions and starts crying but then the son of Meghant orders them to stop, he is angrily walking while holding the bucket filled with mud which he throws on Puran, everyone immediately steps back. Bhim is shocked witnessing it, as the son of Meghnat says that this is what they all are worth. Bhim is furious.