Barsatein 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh quits the job

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The Episode starts with Aradhna and Radhna applying the cake to each other’s faces and laughing. Beena comes. They fight and ask Beena to help. Beena scolds them. She says I will bake another cake. Aradhna says I will take it for Khannas. Vikram calls him and asks did you wish Aradhna. Reyansh says I asked Sunaina to make arrangements. Vikram says I hope she likes it, come to office, Viren is angry, he isn’t okay with the story. Reyansh says its my story, call your wife, I have some work. Pooja calls Aradhna and wishes her.

Aradhna says we used to celebrate entire birthday week, you remember it. She gets sad thinking of her parents. Pooja says take care. Aradhna says you too. She ends the call. Bhakti does the aarti. She says we had made Aradhna a stranger. Pooja gets a cake and says cut the cake, its Aradhna’s birthday. Bhakti cuts the cake. Pooja makes a video and says I will show this video to her. Bhakti wishes Aradhna. Jagruti also wishes. Aradhna sees this on video call and cries. Malini asks her daughters to come with her. They refuse. Aradhna comes home. She says Vikram has sent this cake for Kimaya. Kriti and Komal argue. Malini asks them to come with her to the orphanage. Aradhna asks do you go there on this day every year. Malini says yes, I had lost something on this day. She recalls her baby. She gives the baby to Bhakti and asks her to never look back. Malini says I lost my first baby. Viren asks first baby, who? Malini says I mean, you know my first pet, the white pigeon. Viren says that’s why Malini distributes sweets and gifts to the orphanage kids, charity begins at home, Kimaya needs you. She says I will come. Sunaina and Vikram decorate the office. Reyansh says well done, don’t tell Aradhna that I did this. Sunaina asks when will your love story come on the right track. She says Viren asked you not to do this story. He says I just want the truth. Viren says I can’t see Kimaya like this, I kept my daughters away from sorrow. Malini says her sorrow can get less with time, keep everything normal, it takes time to heal. Viren says your wound didn’t heal. Malini says I don’t go to heal my wound, I go to pray for the pigeon, you won’t understand, I will get prasad for Kimaya from the temple. Aradhna asks shall I come along, I have a leave. Komal hugs her and thanks her. Kriti also thanks her. Malini jokes. She goes with Aradhna.

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Reyansh talks to Sunaina and Vikram. He asks her to order Chinese for Aradhna, she loves Chinese. Aradhna asks Malini didn’t you think of getting a new pigeon. Malini says no, I have no place for it. Aradhna says lucky are the orphanage kids, you give them time. Malini says its not about money. Viren says its about money. He is on call. He scolds Reyansh. He asks Aradhna to come with him. Malini says its okay, go with him. Viren and Malini come to the office. He asks where is Vikram. Sunaina says cabin. Viren sees the news. He says I asked you not to run any story against Anil Taneja, we can’t blame anyone based on speculation. Reyansh says we have proof, I told you I will run this channel and I want creative freedom. Viren says you have hurt this company, that man is our big advertiser. Reyansh says I have a proof. Viren says I m the owner of the company and you are just an employee. Reyansh says no one will say that its their channel. Viren explains him.

Reyansh argues. Viren gets angry. Everyone looks on. Reyansh says I will leave from here. He sees the decorations and thinks Reyansh remembered my birthday. Viren says I want someone else in Vikram’s place, you will handle this position, you know the work, you are not crazy, go and start working. Viren asks Sunaina to start damage control. Aradhna asks what happened, did Reyansh air the story without verifying. Vikram says he is like that, I have to go if he left. Aradhna thinks I wanted Reyansh to go back, why am I feeling bad, its good if he goes, let him go. Reyansh thinks I had come to return everything to you that you had lost because of me. He goes. Aradhna checks the story and thinks its not Reyansh’s mistake, he was right, Viren has blamed and fired him.
Aradhna argues with Viren for Reyansh. Beena asks Reyansh to talk to Aradhna. He leaves. Malini answers Bhakti’s call.