Junooniyat 18th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Jordan cancels Sultan deal

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Scene 1
Ilahi says happy birthday Jordan. Jordan says Ilahi? Ilahi says my dad says one can forgive anything on birthday. Cut the cake. he says how did you know birthday? She says I filled your DOB on divorce papers. He says I don’t want your favor. You think you can make me sign divorce with a cake? Ilahi says I feel pity for you. You’re alone in your own house. Your mom didn’t wish you either. Jordan recalls he asked Mahip why didn’t she wish. Mahip said now that Ilahi is more important for you than me. You have hurt everyone for that girl. Only I cared for you but you left me for her as wlel. Ilahi says I feel pity for you. She leaves. Jordan holds her hand and pulls her. He says want me to make a wish right? I want Jahan and Ilahi to hate each other. See I asked for my wish. Ilahi smiles and leaves. Jordan pulls her hand. He says ask your husband for the gift he wants. Ilahi shoves him. She says it’s my fault that I thought about you at least today as a human. You showed you don’t deserve it. She leaves. Jordan recalls cutting cake with his family. He cuts the cake and rubs it on his faace. Jordan cries. He says no one can take my Ilahi from me.

Scene 2
The next morning, Jahan comes to meet Seeerrat. His car almost hits another car. It’s Jordan. Jahan asks what do you want? He says Sultan deal cancel and so is my divorce with Ilahi. He tears the papers and throws them on Jahan. Jordan says I dont’ care about your mom. I only want Ilahi, not even Sultan. Jahan says you came with this deal. You wanted fame and money. People will die for you, they will be your fans. This is a lifetime opportunity for you. Jordan says I did want it. Jahan says then why are you saying no now? He says I can’t see you with Ilahi. Ilahi hates me but at least she was away from you. Ilahi thinks about you now again. Jahan says calm down. Jordan says I’ve lost my mind. Jahan sayys you are making a mistake. Jordan says I knew I had to choose between Sultan and Ilahi. I chose Ilahi. I wont’ give her divorce. She will always be mine. I won’t divorce her. Jahan says she hates you, forget about Ilahi. Sultan was your dream. Jordan says Ilahi is my dream. No one wouldd come between us. Jordan leaves. Jahan panics. He goes after Jordan. He says he can tell mom everything.

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Jordan comes home. Dolly says I wanted to talk to you. He says I wanted to talk to you chachi. She says no I’ve more important thing. She takes him inside, the whole house is decorated. She sings happy birthday for him. Everyoen wishes Jordan. Jordan gets happy. Ilahi says mama planned everything. Dolly says Ilahi helped me. Dolly does his arti. Jordan recalls what Mahip said. he says thank you chachi. He hugs her. She says we got your favorite cake. Ilahi told us, she reminded us of your birthday as well. GO get ready, your friends are coming. JOrdan comes to Ilahi says you didn’t forget a few things wife. Ilahi blows the balloon and says enjoy your birthday. She leaves.

Jahan comes home in panic. Jordan says you’re very sweet chachi but I will have you break your heart in this party. Jahan comes home. He says this means Jordan didn’t tell her. Jahan says to Mahip I need to talk to you. He tells Mahip about Jordan cancelling the deal. She’s shocked. She asks why? Jahan says she wants Ilahi not Sultan. Please stop him. He wont’ listen to anyone. If anything happens to my mom I will kill him. Mahip says what a fool. Ilahi hears it. Mahip says to are you out of your mind? How can you cancel your dream? How much will you lose for Ilahi? He says you treat me like a project, that you wanna show to the world. I’ve decided what I want. I don’t need anyone. Ilahi comes to Jahan. Ilahi asks why are you tensed? He says Jordan said he will tell mama everything. She says but why? Jahan says we should tell mama before he does. He will do it in the party. Mahip says to Jordan you won’t do this. i will tell dolly everything but don’t cancel this deal. Jordan laughs. He says you’re such a good actress. I have no interest in becoming Sultan. I only want Ilahi. This USB will play and blast everything today.

Episode ends