Atal 11th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Tomar Faces Criticism

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The episode starts with Tomar threatening Krishna Vajpayee’s family to stop their drama and let them do their job. Atal says it’s not a drama but homage to freedom fighters. Tomar says it’s a drama for them as he is paying homage to a traitor. Atal says Bhagat Singh was a freedom fighter and respecting him with 2 flowers is not a crime. Tomar pronounces him a traitor for paying homage to a traitor and orders his team to check Vajpayee’s house. Krishna requests him not to do that. Neighbors oppose Tomar’s decision and asks if he is doing all this as he is working for British. Tomar says they can think so. Tomar orders to arrest Atal.

Krishna maa says she started all this and it’s not Atal’s mistake. Neighbors say they did it, so he should arrest them all. Constables return and say they couldn’t find anything suspicious. All neighbors tongue lash Tomar and shoo him away. Puppet teacher says he heard Atal praising Bhagat Singh. Tomar says he can’t do anything witout evidence and is sure that Atal’s family will do some mistake and will be caught for sure.

Neighbors praise Atal for paying homage to Bhagat Singh. Atal gives credit to them for their brave move. Constable informs Krishna that Stephen sir is calling him. Krishna leaves asking Krishna maa to get Atal ready for the school. Krishna maa gives some lengthy moral gyaan to Atal and says he did right and his grandfather named him Atal so that he should be strong in his determination and never forget his sanskars.

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Krishna meets Stephen and assures him that Atal would follow all the rules and would be studious in school. Atal tells Krishna maa that he will be determined and strong willed. Dadaji tells Krishna maa that he is sure that Atal will achieve something different. Prem says even he thinks so. Elder brother says Atal may lose his track trying to do something different. Krishna maa asks why he looks jealous of Atal. He says he saw his father’s hard efforts to keep the family happy and he couldn’t be of benefit to his father, but Atal can be of benefit to his father, so Atal should be focused on his goal without diverting it to unnecessary things. His wife says his way of expression may be harsh, but he also is worried for Atal.

Precap: Krishna tells Atal that his mother and grandfather have high hopes on him and he should focus on his goal. Atal sees British students bullying an Indian student and confronts them. Principal gets angry and determines to punish Atal.