Doree 11th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Anand plans to kill Doree

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Scene 1
Ganga asks Doree to eat, He says I will get your uniform tomorrow. Ganga says she’s so tired. Ganga asks why was Kailashi so angry with the girl. Nani says people don’t care about their daughters and this Gagna is stupid to ruin his whole life on another person’s daughter. Gagna says Doree is my daughter only. She’s pampered by me today and tomorrow by someone else. Doree says who else? Nani says your husband. She says I won’t go with anyone. Nani asks where will I live? She says you will go to God. Nani runs after her. Gagna’s head spins. He can’t see clearly.

Scene 2
Kailashi plays with Komal’s son. Vansh says let me play with him. She says he needs to sleep. Vansh says let him sleep. Kailashi scolds at home. Vansh makes faces at the girl. Kailashi thinks about what Doree did. the girl cries. Kailashi says someone shut up this girl. She’s not letting my grandson sleep. she’s about to slap her. Doree says don’t touch her. If anything happens to her you know what the inspector said. The inspector comes with the handcuff. Kailashi says don’t come here. Go from here, she panics. She was imagining. Raj asks is everything okay? She says my heart is worried. Call pandit ji.

Anand thinks about Doree. Nelu asks are you thinking about your daughter? He says she’s not my daughter. She says I know your secret. Let it be. He says I can’t take that risk. If that girl remains alive truth can come out. She says don’t worry. All workers have escrowed their houses. You can do whatever you want. He says I expel them all. Doree will have to go too.

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Scene 3
Gangaa makes Doree eats the sweets. He gets Doree ready and says I will get you into school. Doree says the food is so good. Ganga says daughters are a blessing. She says I am your princess. Anand comes there. Dore is shocked to see him. Ganga comes. He asks you here? Nelu says I brought him here. He says I wanted to see if sarees are complete? Gang says they’re being packed. Come see. Anand looks inside.

Guru ji comes. Kailashhi says I feel agitated. My prince was born even then. Mansi says w’eve to make Komal’s daughter’s kundli too. She says she’s a curse. Pandit ji says you’ve to donate money for the child. Anand gives Nelu money. She says don’t worry. Why did you have come here like a theif? He says I will kill you if you call me a theif. I thought if Sarees aren’t ready I can kick them all out. He says set it on fire.

Guru ji says you’ve to get these pooja things. You’ve to get a girl under 10 as durga too. He leaves. Raj says we have a daughter in home. Kailashi says we don’t need her. She asks Mansi to cook prsad. Nelu says but you will get loss. Anand says I am seeing my larger future. Nelu says sure. Ganga and Nani are going out but Doree is home. Kailashi asks Anand and says get us a girl for durga pooja. Neelu says take Doree.

Episode end

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