Anupama 16th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Vanraj gets the proofs against Titu

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Vanraj smiles. Anupama asks Babu ji if you have taken the medicine. babu ji says yes,. Yashdeep tells Anupama that he will do anything to prove her innocence, and will go to court and will file case against the food critic. Babu ji says it is food critic mistake, if she had given some time then all this wouldn’t have happened. Anuj says I don’t know why the food critic was in a hurry to tell Media, when I told her to give sometime. He says I will not leave that person who is also involved along with Gulati and Rahul. Anupama says I am sure that Spice and Chutney will open again and will touch the heights again. Yashdeep asks when it opens again, will you work here again. Anupama is silent. Yashdeep asks if you will return America. Anuj asks what did you think, if you are returning to America. Aadhya thinks don’t say yes. Anupama says I…America….and says I will go. Aadhya gets upset. Anuj, Yashdeep and Beeji get happy. Everyone else get happy too. Anupama says I will go to America again, I came here to attend the wedding and haven’t run away to come here. She tells that she will start again, and will fulfill her old dreams which she saw before Pakhi was born. She says she has to go there, to fulfill her dreams, live life well and tell herself that you have done it Anupama. Everyone gets happy and clapos for her, except Vanraj, Toshu, Pakhi and Aadhya. She takes the trophy kept there, and says I am coming again, to say Namaste America. Anuj stands up and claps. Aadhya gets upset. The kids dance around her. Babu ji says you have done it. Kavya says Anupama, you rock. The kids hug Anupama. Anupama looks at Aadhya.

Anupama thanks Kanha ji and says it feels bad when gets punished for the mistake which she has not done it. She says you made everything fine, and says I got amrit in manthan, and has found the light amidst the darkness, I could breath freely, thanks for keeping my trust. Anuj looks at Anupama. song plays….tumhe apna banane ke kasam khaayi hai….He thinks of her love confession and comes near her. She says Anuj….Anuj also prays to Kanha ji. She says you are here. Anuj says behind you. He asks if you don’t see in my eyes even now. Anupama says I didn’t think that truth will come out so soon. She thanks him for always supporting her and standing by her and says now everything will be fine with Kanha ji’s blessings.He says you could have said this looking at me, even today after 5 years, I couldn’t see your tears and think all the time, how to give you happiness. He says I want the world to give you the same respect and love, I can’t see you crying. He says when I used to see you dancing while making food, or when you used to jump and walk on the road happily, I used to think that God is happy with me. He says I wish….Anupama says don’t say it and says you can’t change the past. He says we can change the moment to change the future.

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Aadhya thinks where did pops go after dropping me. She thinks she didn’t have Devika’s call. She thinks Shruti will think that he went to Anupama, and says she has a feeling that this mariage will unite them. Anupama says we can’t be selfish. Anuj says he wants to be selfish once. Anupama says we can’t be happy making others upset, giving them tears. Their souls come out of their bodies. Anuj asks her to say once that she wants to return to him, and then he will convince everyone and Aadhya also. Anupama hugs him. Their souls vanish. He says I will lit these diyas. Anupama says it is of no use. Anuj says one diya is still burning and it is that hope that we might unite. Anupama says this can never happen. They go out of temple. Anupama says after Dimpy and Titu’s marriage, we have to go back and make everything fine. Anuj says I talked to my lawyer and will show Gulati. He says it is late night, I will drop you. Anupama says leave it, it will be good. She sits in the auto and goes.

Baa and Babu ji feel pain in their legs and make sound. Pari asks if this is a new song. Baa says no, we are feeling pain. The kids massage their feet. Babu ji says you have made their day. He says my daughter is proved innocent. Baa says but that Gulati escaped. Babu ji says if your Baa was fine, then she would have brought Gulati and pulled his ears. Vanraj comes there and says he is going for office work. Anupama gets Vikram and KD’s message asking her to come back soon. Devika comes and tells that she has booked room for Beeji and Yashdeep in the hotel nearby shah house. She says my hacker friend couldn’t find about that number. She says they shall steal his phone. Anupama says he always keep his phone close to his chest. Devika says then we shall follow him. Anupama says if he will tell you before going. Vanraj meets the Inspector and gets proofs against Titu. He thinks he will break this marriage.

Precap: Babu ji makes Ishu drink the medicine syrup. She faints immediately., Everyone comes there. Kavya asks Pakhi to get up. She then calls Anupama and tells about Ishu. VAnraj, Toshu and others rush Ishu to the hospital.