Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 16th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Sajeeri saves Aaji

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Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 16th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Sajeeri saying you have bought the guns by Aaji’s card, my family respect is at stake, Aaji can get jailed, only you can save her. The goon comes there. He scolds Sajeeri and shoots. Police comes home. Inspector says you couldn’t prove anything so I m arresting you. Aaji asks how did Sajeeri run away. Shivam says I promise, I will find her. Sajeeri comes and stops Aaji’s arrest. She says the real culprit is found. She gets those guys home. She recalls the goon fainting when a fan falls over his head. Sajeeri asks the guys to come with her. FB ends. The guys accept their crime. Sajeeri asks them to give the pistol and card to the inspector. They give it. Inspector checks it.

The guy says Sajeeri has shown us the right path. Sajeeri says poverty made them do this, but they realized their mistake, don’t punish them much. Shivam thinks she is strange, who gets thieves home by convincing them. Sajeeri asks them to work sincerely. She says Shivam and I will help you, then society will progress. The guy says you are very nice. Inspector says your bahu has reformed them, fine, I will try my best that he gets least punished. Sajeeri says he will tell you the place where illegal work happens. Aaji asks her to stop it. Police leaves. Aaji scolds Sajeeri for running away. Sajeeri faints.

Shivam holds her and asks her to get up. He says she has high fever. Nalini says she didn’t eat food since yesterday. Shivam lifts Sajeeri and takes her to the room. He checks her temp. He speaks to the doctor. Sajeeri sees her clothes changed and asks about it. Shivam asks what did I do. Cheenu comes and says Shivam did it, who else will do it, he got you to the room and called the doctor home.

Sajeeri asks what. She thinks how did he change my clothes, he didn’t ask me. Cheenu asks Shivam to feed the soup to Sajeeri. Sajeeri asks why did you do all this. Shivam says I m your husband, I have to do all this, right. She says its not needed. He says you went to goons’ place again. They argue. He says you don’t value whatever I did. She asks why did you change my clothes. He asks what, seriously, are you out of your mind.

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Aaji asks the servants to spray pesticides on the fruits, it can be harmful for the kids, kids shouldn’t be here. She says we follow all the food norms, so our London bakery is famous. Vikram says I wish we could have exported Sajeeri. She says we will do. Mandira looks on. Shivam says you don’t have a mind, I won’t touch any girl without her consent, I didn’t change your clothes, Aai did it, stupid, you are blaming me, I just took care of your fever, I understood your mentality, you drink the soup yourself, read the prescription and take medicines. Sajeeri says I m feeling hungry. He feeds her the soup. He gets the oil for her foot massage on her saying. He sneezes and says this has a bad smell. He puts on a mask and does the massage. Meetha khatta….plays… Vikram and Aaji get shocked seeing this. He says what’s happening, they always come close. Aaji says he may fall in love with her, we have to find Sachi. Sajeeri comes downstairs and meets the kids. Mandira and kids ask Sajeeri to play hide and seek with them. Sajeeri agrees. She asks where shall I hide. Mandira says you hide in those cartons. Sajeeri says yes, Mini won’t doubt. Mandira says she is so dumb. Sajeeri sits inside a carton. Mandira sprays the pesticides. Sajeeri feels suffocated. Shivam feels strange and says is everything fine. Sajeeri faints.

Nalini asks how is Sajeeri. Shivam says she is better. The men load the big crate in the van. Mandira says I exported Sajeeri as Aaji wished.