Ajooni 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Rajveer and Ajooni not talking to each other

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Scene 1
Ajooni sits with Rajveer and starts reading a story about a king punshing his queen because he was helpless, he didn’t want the throne but he wanted to be responsible. The king was not eating so the queen decided to not eat as well. Will the king eat for his queen? Rajveer gets worried for her and starts eating. Ajooni smiles at him. Bebe sees all that. Ajooni nods at him and leaves to eat as well.

Harvindar tells Shikha that they can kidnap Giyaneshwar’s daughter, she asks him to not be stupid. Dolly and Aman arrive there so Harvindar goes to hide. Shikha comes to them and greets them. Dolly says we thought to check up on you. Shikha says I will make tea for you both. Dolly says I want to check your house. She goes to shikha’s room and looks around. Aman tries to stop her but Dolly finds someone hiding behind the curtain. Aman is about to check but Shikha comes there and asks what are they doing? Harvindar jumps from the window and runs away. Dolly checks through the curtain but doesn’t find anyone there. Aman says we have to leave now, she takes Dolly from there. Shikha smirks and tells her father that I won’t spare any of them.

Scene 2
Aman comes back home and recalls Dolly’s words. Harvindar comes back and says I called the hospital and you were not there so where did you go? Aman says I went to Shikha’s house because Dolly said you were there. Harvindar scolds her and says you don’t trust me? Aman starts crying and says Dolly saw you with Shikha. Harvindar says you think I am a liar? he is about to slap her but Ajooni comes there and says don’t forget that she is pregnant. Harvindar asks her to get lost, I know you got power of the house by begging Ravindra, he leaves. Aman cries and tells Ajooni that I listend to Dolly when she said she saw him with Shikha. Ajooni asks her to calm down.

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Ajooni is in her room, Rajveer comes there and she tries to ignore him. He thinks I am hurt doing all this too, I know you are hurting. Ajooni thinks our love will win over any hurdles. They both sadly look at each other. He leaves from there.

Rajveer goes to sleep in the lounge, Ajooni comes there with a blanket and sees him sleeping without it. Dolly comes there and tells ajooni to not go near him. She asks Dolly to give him a blanket. Dolly says I am not your servant. Ajooni twists her arm and asks her to do as she said. Dolly throws the blanket at Rajveer, Ajooni says someone will get cold without it, she leaves from there. Rajveer takes the blanket.

In the morning, Ajooni is working in the kitchen and goes to get groceries. Dolly comees there amd tempers with the cooker.

Ajooni is checking groceries when Dolly comes there and tells the family that her eyes are burning. Ajooni says I will get back to cooking but Aman says I will do it, you can handle groceries. Dolly is shocked to hear that.
PRECAP – Aman is going to cook in the kitchen but Ajooni rushes to her and pulls her away as the cooker blasts.