Barsatein 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Aradhna meets Mayank

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The Episode starts with Reyansh telling Kaka about Aradhna. Vivek is happy that Reyansh is in love. They have a talk about love. Aradhna says I have to go to office for some imp work. Harsh says you made the plan, you are cancelling it now. She says I m needed there. Harsh says storm is coming, the rains take away everything. She says yes, storm is coming, we have to cover everything, Reyansh said we will have dinner tomorrow, he said sorry. She leaves. Kadambari shows the jewellery and says I kept this safe for your wife. Vivek asks her to make her bahu wear it. She says Reyansh won’t want me to stay here. Reyansh says she may have any work again. Vivek asks him to take a step towards his mom. Reyansh says no, I can’t do this. He gets Aradhna’s call. They have a talk. He asks are you not coming. She says there is much water logging in dad’s clinic, we are busy, you don’t come, please apologize to your dad, we will come tomorrow and have chole, I love you. She thinks sorry Reyansh, I had to lie. Reyansh cancels the dinner and says she isn’t coming, will my fate be like yours. Vivek says no. He hugs Reyansh. Reyansh says it won’t happen with me, Aradhna doesn’t lie like you. He goes. She says I won’t want you to get hurt in love, but its time the storm will come, this storm is inside you. Aradhna sends an audio message to Bhakti. She thinks I have to lie to save someone’s life. Reyansh is on the way. Bhakti says Aradhna forgot her insulin. Jagruti says this post is for Bhakti, its from Dehradun. Bhakti and Harsh worry. Bhakti says Aradhna isn’t taking my call, I will call Reyansh. She calls Reyansh. He asks is the clinic fine. She says yes, Aradhna is always in urgency, she forgot her insulin medicine, remind her, she asked me not to disturb her in work, remind her, thanks. Reyansh says lie to me and family also, where did she go. He calls Sunaina and asks is Aradhna with you. He asks Vikram and Pooja also. He asks Vikram to find out Aradhna by tracking her phone. He says I have sent her for a story, track her for safety. Vikram says okay, relax.

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Aradhna goes to meet Mayank. Vikram tells the hotel name to Reyansh. Reyansh comes to the hotel and shows his ID card. The man says your reporter went to room 005. Reyansh thanks him and goes. Aradhna thinks to have courage. She rings the bell. Mayank is shocked to see her. She asks won’t you call your ex GF inside. Reyansh looks on.

She scolds him for blackmailing Revati. He says you are hurt that I m with someone else. They argue. He says I like Revati, I won’t let her go from my life. Reyansh knocks the door. Mayank catches Aradhna and asks Reyansh to leave. He shouts intimate moment is going on. Reyansh leaves. Aradhna asks how dare you touch me. Mayank says sorry, I want to talk, you broke my heart, I truly loved you. Reyansh says I need to know the person inside that room, my employee went there, I want to know this for her safety. The lady says Mayank Khurana. Reyansh thinks she came to meet her ex, I told Vikram that she can’t forgive her first love, she lied to me. Mayank and Aradhna argue. Reyansh checks Mayank’s profile. Aradhna tells about Reyansh and praises him. Reyansh calls Aradhna and asks when will you get free. She lies to him. Reyansh gets angry and drinks.

Reyansh sees Aradhna. She lies to him. He uses their intimacy clip against her.