Actress Surabhi Das Opens Up About Struggles, Auditions, and TV Show Dynamics

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In a recent interview, Surabhi Das, known for her debut in “Nima Denzongpa” and currently portraying Esha in “Pandya Store,” candidly shared insights into the challenges faced by artists in the television industry.

According to Surabhi, the fate of a TV show is akin to destiny. She expressed her dismay when a show, despite the hard work of the cast and crew, concludes in just one or three months. Surabhi advocates for a minimum run of six months for a show to establish its skills and storyline in front of the audience.

The audition process, as revealed by the actress, is an exhausting experience for actors. After each show concludes, the constant cycle of auditions and waiting for role responses can take a toll. Surabhi highlighted the importance of stability, emphasizing that a show’s success for at least a year provides security for an actor.

The financial aspect adds to the challenges, with the expense of maintaining oneself and handling responsibilities like rent. Surabhi stressed that the sense of security that comes with a steady income from a show is disrupted when a show goes off-air prematurely.

Sharing personal experiences, Surabhi discussed the sometimes perplexing reasons given during auditions, such as comments about her Hindi fluency and appearance. These remarks can leave a lasting impact on an actor’s self-esteem and motivation to improve their skills.

Surabhi shed light on the unseen responsibilities that actresses bear, especially when taking on roles significantly older than their actual age. Beyond the glitz and glamour, actresses often accept such roles due to a variety of reasons, including a lack of good roles, financial and family responsibilities, and the hope that better opportunities will come in the future.

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Expressing her relief, Surabhi revealed that she is a workaholic who thrives in front of the camera. Despite managing vlogs during her break, she found true fulfillment when “Pandya Store” happened, marking her return to the screen.