Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshu and Aarohi fall in trouble


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Abhi getting ready and saying I don’t want anyone to get troubled. Akshu comes to help and gives him tips to handle the kids. She gives the gift for Shivansh. He says thanks, I forgot, I m such an idiot, why are you being so nice to me. She says no, I understand what you didn’t say, you don’t need to explain, give me a chance to fix your hair. He says no. He turns away. He says its okay. She teases him and smiles. She says kids are waiting, go fast. He thanks her and leaves.

Shivansh says principal madam called me on stage and said I m intelligent. The kids say wow… Anand asks the kids to have snacks. He asks Manjiri to be there, everyone is asking for her. She asks who. She sees Abhi coming. Shivansh hugs him. Goenkas come. The kids run and hug Manjiri. Mahima says you know Manjiri, she does right and wrong for her love, I m sure she will realize it soon, she can’t stay without you all. Akshu and Aarohi have icecreams. Aarohi asks is this poison. Akshu says its vegan icecream. Aarohi says how sweet, I can have normal icecream. Akshu says you will gain weight then. Aarohi says you are pregnant, you will become Golu Molu. She tells about the childhood things and they laugh. She says promise me that if one mum isn’t there then the other mum will become the shield for the other kid. Akshu says I promise, I will become Ruhi’s shield. Aarohi says you remember time capsule, we had kept many things in it. Akshu says yes, I have it, I will go and get it. She goes. Ruhi says we will stay with Akshu till her baby comes, you also come there. Abhir says please Dida. Shefali asks the kids to enjoy with the other kids. Akshu gets the box and opens it. Aarohi and Aksu see the old things and reminisce their old memories. They get happy. They fight for a doll. Akshu’s phone falls and breaks. Akshu says its my phone, yours is there. Aarohi says sorry, I promise, I will get a new phone for you before you wake up, go and sleep now. Manjiri and Abhi see each other. He sees Parth and recalls the moments. He gets angry. Shefali asks the kids to go and check out the new video game. Aarohi makes Akshu sleep. She says don’t know, Abhir and Ruhi’s bag are packed according to time table or not, I will do it. She goes.

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A retreat centre man comes home. He recalls Akshu and Abhi’s words. His goon comes along. The man says I lost my job because of Abhi, he has to bear the loss now. Abhi asks what is Parth doing here. Parth says anger isn’t right for health. Abhi asks Manjiri to answer him, look at Shefali once. Shefali says please don’t do. He says you know Maa, what Shefali used to hide behind the makeup, you supported her, and made Parth leave the house. Aarohi hears the sound and says I think they have come back from the party. The men steal the things. Aarohi sees them and is shocked. He thinks he is retreat centre’s warden, he came to steal the things, Akshu is sleeping, my phone is in kitchen, Akshu’s phone is broken, I have to go to Akshu first. She hears the footsteps and locks herself in the room. She gets an idea and plays an audio. The goon says we should leave and come later. The warden says sound might have come from outside, there is no one in the house. She comes out and sees him going to Akshu’s room. Abhi says you became so selfish. Parth argues with him.

Abhi asks do you want a second chance. Parth smiles and taunts him. Abhi says you can never change. Manjiri asks why can’t he change. Aarohi goes to switch off the power. She pulls down the lever. The warden enters Akshu’s room and steps back, saying the power went out. Manjiri says Parth is trying to change, he won’t do this again. He says give guarantee. She asks how can someone give guarantee. He says you also wanted Akshu to give guarantee. Akshu wakes up. She goes out in darkness and stumbles. She calls out Aarohi. Manjiri scolds Abhi. Abhi argues. Mahima asks them to stop it, the party is for Shivu. The kids come and ask why are they fighting. Manish says nothing, its all good. Shivu asks why didn’t Akshu and Aarohi come. Shefali says Akshu is pregnant, Aarohi is taking care of her. He says I want to talk to Akshu. Manish says I will call her. He says her phone is switched off. Abhi worries for Akshu.

Ruhi drives a car. Akshu runs to save Aarohi. She tries to control the car. Aarohi gets hit and falls aside. Akshu says Aarohi’s accident happened because of me. Everyone is shocked.