Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshu and Abhir leave the house


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Akshu saying I have made soup for Ruhi, feed it to her. Muskaan nods. Surekha stops Muskaan and says Akshu, you don’t need to worry for Ruhi, stay away from her. Akshu cries. Everyone cries and sees Aarohi. Manish stops Akshu. Police comes there. Inspector says we want confirmation if Aarohi died in an accident or someone killed her. Akshu thinks I m ready to get jailed to keep Ruhi safe. Manish says no one is responsible for her death. Everyone is relieved. The police leave. He says it was an accident, but Akshu is responsible for it. Akshu says you can hold me responsible, but please let me meet my sister. He says you won’t meet her, its your punishment. She says no, please one last time. Abhi makes Akshu meet Aarohi. Akshu says I promise, I will never break that promise. Abhi takes her away. Ruhi talks to Aarohi in sleep. Akshu comes to her and cries. She kisses Ruhi. Ruhi recalls her words and says you are a bad Maasi, you snatched my dad and mum also. Akshu says no, it happened by mistake, forgive me. Ruhi says don’t touch me. Akshu says listen to me once. Ruhi pushes her. Abhir comes and holds Akshu. Manish gets Aarohi’s ashes home. yeh Rishta… plays… They all cry. Abhir scolds Ruhi for pushing his mum. Ruhi says she snatched my mum, she is a liar, I hate her. They both fight. Akshu asks them to stop fighting. Everyone hears them fighting.

Abhi and everyone rush to see the kids. Surekha asks will such fights happen in our house every day now. The elders go. Surekha says kids will keep fighting, when I see Akshu, I think of Aarohi’s loss, how will we live without Aarohi. Dadi says we have to live, because its in our fate. Surekha says Ruhi is crying a lot. Dadi says we can’t punish Akshu or send her to jail.

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Surekha says I didn’t say that, we have to find a way to keep peace. Suwarna says we should just focus on Ruhi, and the others can get ruined if they want, when Sirat left us, Akshu was young, we had forgiven her, whatever happened with Aarohi, we can’t forgive her, if we have to choose between Ruhi and Akshu, then we will choose Ruhi. Dadi cries and says we can’t do this. Suwarna says we have to support Ruhi, I want justice for her. She makes Manish swear that he will do what is right for Ruhi and give her happiness. Manjiri cries and puts the garland on Ruhi’s pic. Shefali holds her. They hug. Manjiri says why do we understand a person’s value after the loss. She talks about Aarohi. She cries and touches Aarohi and Neil’s pics. Akshu packs her bags. Dadi asks where are you going and why. Akshu says Ruhi has to see my face every day if I stay here, Ruhi’s wounds will never change, she can never stay happy. Dadi says think of your children. She takes Abhir and comes downstairs. Dadi asks Manish and everyone to stop Akshu from leaving the house. They don’t say anything. Dadi hugs Akshu and cries. She says always stay happy and never fall weak. She greets the elders. Manish says this house doors will always be open for Akshu. Akshu asks for his blessings. She takes Abhir and leaves. Everyone cries.

Akshu waits for Abhi and Abhir. Abhir says its your marriage today. Pandit tells about the land slide. Akshu runs to the hospital.