Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshu confronts Manjiri


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Akshu and Abhi being called inside. They see each other and talk via their hearts. They hold hands and go inside the court. Manjiri is seen praying. Abhi and Akshu exchange the garlands. Jaaniye…plays… Abhir thanks Shiv ji for fulfilling his dream. Police comes there and looks for Abhi. Manjiri thinks my son shouldn’t get fate like mine, stop this marriage. The judge asks the witnesses to come ahead and sign. Manish and Suwarna sign the papers. Akshu sees Abhi and smiles. She signs. Everyone claps. Inspector asks about Abhi’s marriage. Peon says its going on. Abhi thinks this is my truth now. He goes to apply the thumb impressions. Inspector calls him out. Surekha says police…. Inspector says we have come to arrest Abhi, there are fraud charges on him. Manish says he can’t be a fraud. Police says you are Dr. Abhimanyu Birla from Birla hospital, right. Akshu checks the warrant. Muskaan takes the kids. Abhir says the marriage didn’t happen. Suwarna asks whats written in it. Akshu says that Abhi did a fraud, I want the case details. Inspector says he did a fraud of 15 crores from Birla hospital, you did your mum’s signs and tried to get the money. Kairav says the charges are false, Birla hospital belongs to him, why would he do this. Inspector says I don’t know all that, he has to come with me, the marriage won’t happen now. He asks Abhi to come, else he will put the handcuffs. Akshu asks who filed the complaint. Inspector says Mr. Parth Birla. They all get shocked.

Parth is in his office. Akshu comes and asks what did Abhi do to you Parth says it’s a hospital, not a court. She argues. She says he is your brother, you got him arrested, come and take the complaint back. He says no, he will pay for his mistake. He shows the cheque. Akshu says its mum’s sign. He says he might have forged her signs to get the money. She says he can never do this. He says we felt so, he left everything, you are the decision of his every decision. Abhi says Parth should have targeted me, why did he do this. Anand and Mahima feel sorry. Mahima says sorry, he manipulated everyone. Manish says bail didn’t happen, don’t worry Abhi. Abhi says Akshu will take stress, kids also witnessed this. Abhir says cheating, your marriage isn’t happening. Akshu pacifies him. He says tell us the truth, will the marriage never happen. Aarohi says it will happen, no one can stop it, they are star crossed lovers. Ruhi asks will Abhi come back. Akshu says yes, I will get him back. Dadi says I will go and pray for Abhi. Manish says Akshu will try her best to get bail. Akshu talks on call and asks the lawyer to find some way to bail out Abhi. She sees Shefali and asks is everything fine at home. Akshu says we are trying to get him bailed, don’t tell Manjiri, she will take stress. Shefali says Manjiri got him arrested. Everyone is shocked. Akshu says she loves him a lot. Shefali says her love made her do this blunder. Akshu worries. Manjiri, Anand and Mahima are also on calls. Mahima says don’t worry, we will get Abhi bailed. Akshu comes with Manish and Shefali. She claps. She says Abhi always said his mum is different, I agree today, you are different. Mahima asks what are you saying. Akshu says I came to give her something. She gives property papers, assets and money. She says please get Abhi released.

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Anand says we are trying, why are you saying this to Manjiri. Akshu says she didn’t bless me, she came to pay money for her son, I came to make a deal. Mahima asks what. Akshu says Manjiri got Abhi arrested to stop our marriage. Mahima asks is she saying the truth. Manjiri says yes. Manish scolds her. Manjiri defends herself. She says Akshu is perfect for Abhi, but without Abhinav’s baby, Abhi and Akshu have no future with this baby, I was helpless to do this. Akshu says you were helpless to get him arrested. Manjiri says stopping this marriage was necessary, I know my son will be hurt, I m also hurt, but I had no other option. Akshu says you will not accept this marriage, right. Manjiri says never.

Akshu says I begged you a lot, you got Abhi arrested, I can’t do anything for you, but I will save Abhi. She leaves. Anand asks Manjiri to try to bail out Abhi and stop Akshu. Manjiri stops Akshu. She says you marry Abhi, I m ready to accept your baby also. Everyone smiles. Manjiri says I will give love to this baby, I will do anything for your and Abhi’s happiness. Akshu hugs and thanks her. Manjiri says promise me, that you will love Abhi before this baby is born, he also loves you, you will love him more than he loves you, you can do this at least.

Abhi asks why did you do this. Akshu says no one will tell him that Maa did this. Parth says I didn’t do it, Manjiri did it. Abhi goes to ask Manjiri.