Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira and Ruhi’s thandai competition

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Abhira arguing with Dadi. She says Kiara is your granddaughter, not a kid, why will the kids say the truth if they get slapped, I don’t know living in a joint family, I just had my mumma, I took the case against you, so just get angry on me, not them, you always say family is imp to you, I don’t think its true, your love for the family is losing, your hatred for me is winning, just look at their faces, is your hatred for me imp than their happiness. Manish, Suwarna and Surekha along with some people, come dancing. Abhira hugs him and asks are you fine. He says this is happiness, Kaveri ji, you asked me to stay away from your family matters, life gives problems, but we get little happiness, I got old and don’t know when I pass away, I wish to get happiness whenever we can, what do you say. He offers the holi colours to Dadi. Dadi looks at everyone. She takes holi colours and throws it in the air, saying don’t mind, its holi. Everyone smiles. Dadi says if everyone doesn’t come in 10 mins, then I will not pardon you. They all rush. Manish says thanks. Dadi says I follow rules, but I m not bad. Suwarna says I know, Abhira… Manish says Abhira’s heart was breaking that no one is playing holi because of her, so she came to me. Manish asks about Ruhi. Vidya says don’t know when will Armaan come.

Aryan says Armaan has come. Armaan comes. He dances on Jai Jai shiv shankar song…. Everyone claps. Manisha says you have danced really well. Vidya asks where is Ruhi. Ruhi says I m here. He gets some balloons for everyone. Everyone smiles. She gives balloons to everyone. She says I saw some kids selling balloons. Manish corrects her to say balloons. Ruhi gives a balloon to Armaan. Abhira comes and shouts. She says you have worn mostly white clothes, go and change, it will get spoiled, you rich people aren’t less than filmi people, else do one thing, play colours, I will find out how to get the stains off. Manish asks what are you wearing. Abhira says old clothes to play holi, I will clean it and use it for mopping. Manisha says you are Poddars bahu now, don’t say that. Abhira says wastage is not good. Manisha says come with me. Manish says she is so lovely. Sanjay and Kajal apply holi to Dadi and wish her. Dadi blesses them and applies holi. They go. Vidya comes to Dadi. She wishes Dadi. Ddi says I wish I get my old sensible elder bahu back.

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Kiara and Aryan wish Ruhi. Ruhi says don’t apply holi to me, my skin is sensitive, I have done patch test, I will play holi if its fine. They go. She says I want Armaan to apply the colours to me first. She sees Armaan. Armaan says I will apply colours to Dadi first. Ruhi says I think he is coming to me. Abhira wishes Manisha and applies holi to her. Manisha sees Armaan and Ruhi. She says what shall I do. She says happy holi and pushes Abhira. Ruhi falls aside. Abhira stumbles. Abhira holds her. Ruhi looks at them. He asks her to learn walking again. Abhira says Manisha pushed me. Manisha says I got scared, Armaan and Abhira can catch me, I pushed Abhira over Armaan. Manoj asks but why. Manisha says their romance will increase. She asks for thandai. Manoj asks for normal thandai. Charu says everyone is busy, I will go and meet Dev. Krish asks Aryan to make thandai for competition. Aryan says I forgot. Kiara asks the man to make 10 glasses of thandai. Krish says I will go and get my friends. The man asks shall I make regular or special one. Aryan asks the man to make special one with almonds. Armaan says Dadisa I want you to apply holi to me, else my holi can’t start. She asks why are you lying and shows the camera. He sees his face and says Abhira… Abhira takes Manish’s blessings. She applies colours to him and wishes him. She says you convinced Dadi and took the risk, thanks. He says I did that for you, happy holi. Krish says come fast, thandai competition is starting. He announces the thandai drinking competition. Ruhi makes Abhira away from Manish. Krish says Manisha wins the competition every year, lets see who wins it this year. He picks the chits and says our first contestant is Abhira and the second one is Ruhi. Ruhi and Abhira drink the thandai. Ruhi recalls Armaan and Abhira’s moment. Manisha cheers for Abhira. Ruhi finishes the glasses first. Krish says Ruhi is the winner.
Abhira says Armaan and my marriage… Armaan hugs her and says she is saying our marriage happened because of love. Ruhi says I had someone else in my life before I married Rohit, that guy was Armaan. Dadi gets angry.