Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhi gets his position back


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Abhi seeing Akshu gone. Akshu talks to everyone. She says Abhi left the job for my sake, please help him in getting a job. Kairav says I will talk to the dean of the city hospital. Suwarna asks Akshu not to worry. Manish says not city hospital, its not right for Abhi. Akshu meets the dean of the city hospital. He says Abhi will get the job. She says no, you don’t give him the job. He asks why would I do this, my business will double when he joins here. She says I can offer you the profits, its in this file, give me guarantee that you won’t give the job to Abhi.

Abhi comes home and meets Abhir and Akshu. He lies to Abhir. Abhir says take me to the hospital tomorrow. Akshu says let Abhi take rest. Abhir says make mumma have the soup, she doesn’t eat it. Abhi asks what’s this, why aren’t you drinking the soup. He goes to freshen up. She thinks sorry to waste the soup. She hides the bowl. Abhi says you are lying, you kept the fast, so you aren’t eating it, you just do as doctor says. She asks why did you keep the fast. He says you are pregnant, baby is imp. She says you are equally imp. He says have the soup. She says no, few hours are left now. He says you shouldn’t lie. She says its not a lie if its for partner’s betterment. He prays to get a job. He goes. She says you will get your dream job, I hope our plan works.

Kairav sees the kids eating jalebis and feels hungry. Manish says don’t look at them. Kairav says I can get the smell of the hot kachoris. He asks the kids to go away and eat. Surekha says Manish and Kairav can’t tolerate hunger. Kairav says if I knew that one has to keep fast after marriage… Abhi says even then you would have married Muskaan. Akshu thinks Abhi will get his dream job. Manjiri says I know this will hurt Abhi, but I have to do this.

She cries and signs a cheque. Shefali comes there. Manjiri wipes her tears. Shefali asks are you fine. Manjiri says yes. Shefali sees the cheque and asks why are you giving this 15 crore cheque to Abhi. Manjiri says no, its an old cheque, I was going to tear it. She asks Shefali to go and see Mahima. Shefali goes. Akshu sees Mahima and Aarohi coming. Mahima apologizes to Abhi. He asks what.

She says I trusted Parth and took the decision to open a VIP hospital, I made a big mistake, please come back to Birla hospital, take the position back, hospital needs you, I need you, I promise, no decision will be taken without your permission. Everyone smiles. Abhi takes Mahima’s blessings and hugs her. Aarohi smiles and recalls… FB shows Parth saying this deal will happen today. He gets the investor’s call. The man says sorry Parth, we aren’t signing a deal with the Birla hospital. He asks what happened. The man says someone else is giving us more profit margins. Parth says you can’t back out, you have to sign this deal, else I will spoil your name in the market. Mahima says Parth, accept it, you lost, you didn’t do market research and got the deal, I made a big mistake, Abhi left the hospital, he is the best doctor, what shall I do now. Aarohi says you can fix it, we should not forget our first priority, that’s to save patient’s life, call Abhi back, use the charity funds in treating people, we will get blessings and can open more such hospitals. FB ends. Mahima thanks Abhi and says I will leave now, Anand would be waiting. Abhi asks how is Maa. She says she is okay as much as she can be, without you. He says take care of her. Manish, Kairav and Akshu get happy. Abhi sees them. Manish says amazing. Kairav says you didn’t tell us. Surekha says yes, you should have told us. Suwarna says all is well that ends well. Abhir and Ruhi hug Abhi and say congrats. Kairav asks when will the moon come out. Suwarna asks him to distract his attention. She signs towards Muskaan. Aarohi asks Kairav to dance for Muskaan’s sake.

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Kairav asks how will I dance, no way, impossible. Surekha says we do all the work, keep fast and stay happy also, boys just show they are hungry. Manish says we have to dance now, its about respect. He asks Kairav to come. They dance on Senorita song. Everyone dances. Abhi takes Akshu with him. He asks did you do all this. She asks what. He says you did something with the VIP hospital deal. She says you are happy, right. He says yes. She says we decided to manage each other, you got the job at the city hospital, but Birla hospital is your home ground, you shouldn’t lose it because of me. He thanks her.

Manjiri says Parth, you do this work for me, please. She gives him the cheque. He says amazing, one son got ousted, and other son left on his own, you called me for Abhi, why shall I help you. She says no one is listening to me, will you help me. He asks what will I get. She says anything you say. He says don’t deny it later. She says when Abhi comes home, I will give you anything you want. He nods and leaves. She cries and says forgive me Abhi, but I can stop you from marrying Akshu, I will fix everything. Everyone sees the moon. Abhi and Akshu see the moon, and a curtain comes in between them. They see each other and smile.

Its night, Abhi and Akshu check the list of things. They are about to collide and stop. He asks her to sleep. She asks why are you nervous. He says its our marriage tomorrow. She says marriage will happen, else Abhir will take our parade, I finalized this house, talk to the broker, we will shift to the new house. He says everything will change tomorrow, our marital status and life.

Abhi and Akshu exchange garlands. Manjiri does the aarti and thinks I can stop you from making this mistake. Inspector comes to arrest Abhi.