Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Armaan gets Yuvraj’s case


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Akshu saying prepare the chargesheet and tell us what date we get. She ends the call. Yuvraj comes out and jokes on them. He says I have come out now, Yuvraj is MLA Jagrat’s only son, the policemen can’t catch me. Abhira says you will get jailed, you have to come to the court, we will wait for you. Akshu scolds him. He says ladies versus gents, it will be too much fun, I will see you soon.

Armaan and Rohit play chess. They make counter statements of a murder case. Dadi looks on. Armaan says I think you didn’t read the file well. Rohit says prosecution case is strong, you will win. Armaan says fine, I will change the position, I will become defence lawyer. They proceed. Dadi smiles. Armaan confuses Rohit. He says you should be confident, check and mate. Rohit says time out. Armaan says you lost the game and case. Dadi thinks I have to teach Rohit to win. She goes. Armaan says give my treat. Rohit says my darling Alisha is yours for 24 hours. He gives the bike keys. Armaan asks did you keep name for your bike. Rohit says I m attached to her. Armaan says mum said you are attached to someone else. Rohit says we will discuss later. Armaan says fine, your Alisha is mine. Rohit says you are excited, who are you going to meet, oh, you are blushing. Armaan says work hard on the case instead of teasing me. He goes.

Abhira says we can go to Delhi. Akshu says you are saying the same thing again. Abhira says someone died here, we can’t stay here. Akshu recalls Neil, Aarohi and Abhi’s death. She says I can’t run away, Abhira. Abhira says I respect your principles and love you a lot. Akshu says look at her, I have become lawyer to help such people, you have to become her voice, I will fight against injustice. Abhira says we will help Smita by appointing a lawyer. Akshu explains her. Abhira says you will fight this case and win also, I m with you, but then you have to lose to me, you have to come with me to Delhi. Akshu says I have to prepare for hearing. She goes. Abhira says you are running away from this conversation, I m not done yet, I will take you to Delhi, we will make a fresh start there.

Ruhi checks her dresses. Surekha says we should find out about that guy. Manish says Ruhi told us the truth, if we don’t trust our children, then who will do. Suwarna prays.

Rohit says I will come with you. Armaan says no, I will beat you. Rohit jokes. He says it was my dream that we go on double date, if my marriage gets fixed and yours also gets fixed, then we will go on dinner date. Armaan says done and hugs him. Abhira sees Akshu and says trial happens in the court and social media, you see what happens now, the people will make this spark a fire. Yuvraj asks what’s this, #justice for Anurag, Yuvraj is a murderer… Jagrat says its nothing, sit in the car. Reporters come and ask what did Yuvraj do. Jagrat says nothing, he is innocent. They leave.

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Jagrat gets minister’s call. He says I will handle this small matter. He ends call and says I will settle that driver’s matter and then this Akshara Sharma, she got mad for justice. Yuvraj says hire a good lawyer for me, else I will go to jail. Jagrat says no, I will handle the best lawyer. Yuvraj asks who. Jagrat calls Sanjay and says just you can save my chair and son. Sanjay says don’t worry, we have solution for everything. Jagrat says you’re your nephew Armaan Poddar. Armaan is at the cafe, making arrangements. He gets Sanjay’s call. Sanjay says come home. Armaan says I will come in 2 hours. Sanjay asks is your personal work imp than this family. Armaan says no, I will come. Ruhi comes there and is busy on call. Armaan calls her and gets number busy. He messages her, sorry, I will get late. They chat. He leaves.

Sanjay says this is Mussoorie flight ticket, you have to leave now. Armaan says I can’t leave my work here. Sanjay says we will handle this, this case is imp. Armaan sees Ruhi’s call. He says I never refused to any case, please you go. Sanjay says Jagrat called you, we can’t refuse, he is MLA. Dadi gets a toffee for Armaan and emotionally blackmails him to go. She says I know nothing is imp to you than family name, Armaan Poddar, I m sure you will keep this name. Ruhi says he would be driving, he will call back, he did good arrangements, he won’t forget me. Dadi asks will you respect my trust, I have given you the reward before result. Ruhi says I m waiting for Armaan, did he call you, how much time does he need. Manager says no, we don’t know. Armaan takes the toffee. He goes and calls Ruhi. Sanjay asks him to come. Armaan says I will send voice note. The phone gets off. Sanjay asks him to hurry up. They leave in the car.

Armaan says I m looking for my charger. Sanjay says I m discussing imp points, who do you want to call, use my phone. Armaan thinks I didn’t memorize her number. Ruhi waits for him. Abhira prays to Kanha ji. Armaan puts the phone on charging. Abhira says we have to go to Delhi, mum will send Yuvraj to jail but Jagrat is here, mum isn’t safe here, make some big miracle, please.

Sanjay says we reached the airport. Armaan gets down the car and his phone falls. A car stamps the phone. Armaan checks the broken phone. Ruhi smiles hearing footsteps. Manager says excuse me, there is another booking, you have to leave. She says so sorry. She sees the cake. Armaan says my phone got broken. Sanjay says take new one, you care for phone, but not the case, go now, before you miss the flight. Armaan goes. He thinks I broke your heart, don’t break my faith, I will come back, its my promise. Ruhi cries and leaves.
Abhira meets Armaan. Armaan talks to the media about the case. Akshu says Armaan is fighting Yuvraj’s case, the justice should win.