Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Akshu and Abhi decide to marry


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Akshu coming to Abhir. He doesn’t listen to her. He says I will go and pray at the temple, my wish will get true. She says I love you a lot, marriage will happen when it has to happen, don’t get stubborn. They see a couple going with their son. Abhir says sorry, I will love the baby, please marry Abhi. She goes. He says open the door, this is cheating. She cries. Abhi comes there and looks on. Yeh Rishta kya…..plays.. Abhi shows his hands and asks her to choose one. She chooses one. He shows the sindoor and mangalsutra. He says we should get married, what are you thinking. She says you have hurt mum’s heart. He says we have to think about junior and coming baby. Aarohi asks where are you going. Manjiri says I will get my son back, how can he leave me and go. Everyone stops her. Akshu says we spoke about this before. They recall the past moments. She says we didn’t do that mistake before, why would we do it now. Abhi says mum won’t agree. She says we will convince her. Mahima calls him and asks him to come home. Manjiri says come back home, I m here. Akshu signs him to go. He says you told Akshu that she can make three lives better instead of one, you can also make four lives better instead of your stubbornness. She says I m thinking of your happiness. He requests her to leave her stubbornness. She cries.

At home, Suwarna says if you both agree, then Manjiri should also agree. Akshu says we can’t take such a big step, Manjiri’s dreams will break. Manish says you and Abhi also have dreams. Everyone discusses. Surekha says think of your life, not the work. Akshu asks Muskaan to say something. Muskaan takes her to Abhinav’s pic. She says please marry Abhi. Everyone is surprised. Dadi asks what.

Muskaan cries and apologizes to her. Akshu smiles. Muskaan says I made many mistakes, scold me, else I will scold myself. Everyone smiles. Muskaan says Abhi has become this baby’s dad, fate has done much cheating, you show fate that you can choose happiness, you choose Abhi, we all are with you. Akshu hugs her. Everyone smiles.

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Kairav thanks Muskaan and says I m proud of you. He says I have made many mistakes, I m sorry. Akshu says you will give happiness to everyone, everything will get fine. Muskaan asks will you marry Abhi. Akshu gets silent. Abhi comes to Manjiri. He shows the fixed frame. He says we will make a new start, I m ready. Manjiri asks are you coming back home or not. He says I will come, you will decide how we live.

Abhi comes to Abhir. Akshu says Abhi and I are marrying. Abhir thanks her and hugs. Suwarna and everyone congratulate Akshu and hug her. Kairav takes Muskaan to Abhi. Muskaan congratulates Abhi and apologizes. She asks him to give much love to Akshu, Abhir and Abhinav’s coming baby. She says permit me to call you Bhai ji again. He cries and says I will always be your Bhai ji. He hugs her.

Kairav asks Akshu to get the marriage dates. Akshu says I had decided it and applied in the court. They all get happy. Abhir says I want mum and dad to get married. They smile. Manjiri is tense. Akshu asks Abhi to tell her if he has any doubt. He says I m marrying you, I m sure. Manjiri cries. Mahima explains her. She says don’t get stubborn. Manjiri says I got angry, I know Abhi, he won’t step ahead without mum’s blessings. Abhi says she thinks I m making some mistake, she will know her thinking is wrong. Abhir says we will party, come. They all sing and dance. Akshu gets a message and says wedding date has come. Everyone smiles. Aarohi gets a call and says Akshu and Abhi are doing a court marriage. Manjiri is shocked. Manish says you are going to make a new start. Everyone is excited. Abhir says my family will complete.
Manjiri says I want my son back, Akshu. Akshu says please agree for this marriage. She goes. Manjiri says listen to me. She holds Akshu. Akshu falls and faints. Everyone is shocked.