Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Yuvraj proposes Abhira


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Vidya and Armaan lying to each other. He smiles and says I came here for some imp work. Vidya says you can’t even lie to your mum, I can’t lie to you. He asks what. She says I also came for some work, I will tell you when it gets done. He says me too. Akshu sees Goenkas leaving. She cries. Manish looks out of the car window. The car leaves. Akshu sees Manish’s note and cries. Abhira takes the new bookings. She gets a bridal dress and checks it. Kiara and Charu like the lehenga and asks are you getting married. Abhira says no. She throws the lehenga in anger and goes. They leave.

Armaan sees the heart balloons. He gets a note… Sorry, I had to leave without meeting you, you have to break the heart if you want to know more than my name. He bursts the balloons and gets Ruhi’s number. He says I will memorize it. Kiara and Charu come and tease him. Armaan hides the note. Aryan and Krish also come and tease him. Armaan pulls their ears. He goes. Abhira is on the way. Some dancers dance on the streets on Badri ki Dulhania… Abhira smiles and thinks its happening in real life also. The board is unveiled. She reads Yuvraj weds Abhira. She gets shocked. She tears the board. She sees Yuvraj. He smiles seeing her.

He says I also thought there is some problem in the card, its good you rejected it, I will make it as you like, you decide everything. She walks to him. The men roll the red carpet for her. He asks the men to shower more flowers. He asks the man to sing some song. The group dances. The girls make Abhira wear the red chunri. Abhira throws it. Yuvraj catches the chunri and smells it. He says I gave you many gifts, but this one is my fav, you should give me a return gift. He asks for a kiss. Abhira slaps him. He gets shocked. He angrily catches her and says slap me more, I love your temper, I found a girl who has fire like me. She asks are you mad. He says being in love is being mad, promise, I will be the same after marriage, you also stay the same, I like this Abhira, I want fire, not flowers, all the girls should be strong and brave to slap MLA’s son publicly. He claps. Everyone claps. She shouts enough, you dream of marrying me, I m not scared of your psycho things, this is not love, but harassment, you aren’t a lover boy, but a goon, I will send you to jail. He jokes. She scolds him. He smiles seeing her.

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Abhira comes to the resort. Akshu asks are you okay. Abhira asks do you know it. Akshu nods. Abhira says I m not okay. She cries and hugs her. Akshu says don’t worry. Abhira says I will bid farewell to Poddars. Akshu says come. They greet the Poddars. Akshara apologizes to Dadi and gives a chocolates hamper. She says please come again and give a chance to us to serve you. Abhira thinks never come back. Armaan says we will come, I have learnt a lot from you. Akshu says I m proud of you, you are an amazing student. She blesses him. Abhira greets Vidya and Armaan. She says you might be thinking that bad happened here. He recalls Ruhi and says no, one thing was good. She says I hope its not about me. He says no. She gives him the toy tortoise and says you shouldn’t forget this incident. He says it was an accident. Kiara says such a cute piece. Abhira says bye, never see you again. He says never. He thinks of Ruhi and leaves.

He thinks I m excited to meet Ruhi. He reaches Udaipur. Ruhi waits for his call. Armaan calls her. Kiara comes and talks about her career. She says you know we need permission from mum and Dadisa, talk to mum. He says fine, I will just come. He says Ruhi, you have to wait for some time. Abhira says mum has gone to talk to Yuvraj’s dad. She clicks a couple’s pic. She gets tense and recalls Yuvraj’s words. She prays.

Yuvraj argues with Akshu. Akshu protects Abhira. He points the gun at Akshu. Armaan and Dadi argue. She taunts him about his mum.