Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Armaan takes up Ruhi’s case

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th July 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Armaan calling out everyone. Dadi comes and says everyone ha gone out, I have made your fav food, come and have it. He asks did you make all this. She says yes, will you eat it. He says of course yes. He looks around. She feeds him. He feeds the food to her first. She cries. He wipes her tears. They eat the food. He says I know, we aren’t agreeing on one thing since much time, I have hurt you a lot. He says I m still the same Armaan, who you accepted and loved, I can give my life for you. She kisses and hugs him.

He says but I m Abhira’s Armaan as well, I can give my life for her also, I will always stand by her, I will keep trying to fight the problems, I will expect you to accept Abhira someday. She gets angry. Ruhi says it’s a lie, I didn’t do his accident intentionally. The lady asks inspector to arrest Ruhi. She says my husband got saved, this girl was speeding the car. Ruhi says there was much darkness, he came in front of the car. Manish says we are ready to pay a compensation, forgive Ruhi. The lady says she has ruined my life, I will send this girl to the jail. Ruhi says I m sorry. Abhira says Armaan and I are still married, how can I leave him, I can’t tolerate more pain, if I stop, if Armaan and…. Armaan gets coffee for her. He gets a gift. She says it’s a bad day of my life, why did you get anniversary present. She sees Akshara and Abhira’s edited pic. He says you told dad that you will edit the pic, so I did it. She hugs him. She says I didn’t know rude people give lovely gifts, why are you so happy. He says I got another gift for you. He shows their marriage certificate. He says you can tear this, I have original copy in the locker, I just got it so that you also have a copy. She gets Jaya’s call. She says Jaya is mumma’s friend. Ruhi calls Armaan. He says she might be calling for the case. Ruhi says Armaan… He asks why are you crying. She says I m framed in accident case. He asks her not to worry. Abhira says I will fight your case, what’s the name of that person…. did Ruhi do the accident…. Abhira says I m coming to the police station. She asks are you going to fight her case. Armaan says yes, they are in financial problems because of the marriage, I have to help Ruhi. She says its your guilt. He says she is my client, why do you want to fight Ruhi’s case. She says why do you think Ruhi is innocent. He says I m a lawyer, its my work to fight the case, don’t you trust her. She says no need. He says I love you, and this is my work. She says this is my first case, if Ruhi needs you then Kaki needs me. Manish scolds Ruhi for making Armaan her lawyer. Swarna says I agree with Manish, we shouldn’t take Armaan’s help. Surekha says you will get attracted to him. They see Armaan and Abhira. Jaya hugs Abhira and cries. She asks her to fight the case. Abhira goes with Jaya. Armaan comes to Ruhi. She asks is Abhira fighting their case, she will vent anger on me. Armaan says no, she won’t do that. He takes Ruhi’s statement. Abhira gets angry seeing Armaan caring for Ruhi. She says we will win this case, I don’t want fees, just bless me. Jaya praises her. Armaan says Ruhi will compensate for his loss, you can tell us if he has more demands. Abhira says we have one demand, justice. Ruhi says I told you, she will vent her anger. Armaan says we are ready to pay for the loss, its also justice. Abhira says she will hit someone else, say sorry and pay money, she shouldn’t break laws again. Armaan says the hearing will happen tomorrow, I also want justice, see you in court. Manisha talks to Vidya on video call and says Armaan didn’t come home. Armaan comes home and talks to Vidya. He tells about Ruhi’s case. Vidya says Abhira is hurt, you have to keep patience and understanding. He says she gets angry seeing Ruhi. Manisha says yes, Ruhi always came between you. He says Abhira isn’t understanding. Vidya says she lost her mum, she is scared of losing you, you have to end her fear. Manisha says make her believe that personal and professional lives are different for you, she is one and only Abhira for you. Abhira sees the gate locked and says house rules are dangerous, gate is locked, but none can stop me.

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Armaan asks are you feeling better. Ruhi says I m not able to move on by forgetting you. Vidya asks Abhira to move on, its her right, she has to become a shield for Armaan’s love.