Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kashvi turns down Adi’s proposal


Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Arjun thinks to tell Kashvi that he loves her and that why he married Mahima. He sees Adi proposing Kashvi. Later he threatens to jump off from the terrace and stumbles. Kashvi gets shocked.

Few hours before, Adi gives compliments to Kashvi and says she is looking good in this saree. Kashvi thanks him. He asks how your Adi is looking? Kashvi says he is looking good. Adi asks her to tell what he is wearing and keeps hand on her eyes. Kashvi says you are wearing wine color suit and gives the other description wrong. Adi says you didn’t see me carefully, you have answered just one question right. Other trainer comes there and calls Adi. Adi goes. Kashvi looks at Arjun and thinks she has given Arjun’s description to Adi. She thinks she was lecturing Arjun and she herself didn’t move on and shall move on as he has also moved on, this is wrong. Arjun drinks the spiked drink and feels strange, as if his head is flying in air. He asks waiter to give him some water. He sees Kashvi standing on the window at a distance and says I love you and missed you so much. He says he always wanted to tell her that how much he loves her, and tells that he has waited always for the right time, and thinks to tell her. He says if she refuses and tells that he is already married. He says he will tell her that he married Mahima as she was pregnant. He tells that he shall tell Kashvi that he didn’t touch Mahima in 5 years as he has no feelings for her, and just missed Kashvi and his heart felt for her. He says he shall not waste his time and shall tell her that she is in his heart.

He is about to go, when he sees Adi coming to Kashvi and bending down on his knees. Kashvi ass what you are doing? He says he wants to tell her since few days and says today he will tell. He says I know that you regard me as just best friend, but I started feeling for you. He shows the ring to her and says Kashu….I love you, will you marry me? Arjun is shocked and teary eyes. Kashvi stands shocked. Arjun thinks someone else has taken my place, I got late. He goes from there. Kashvi says what to say? Adi asks her to agree. Kashvi says her answer is no, and says I can’t marry you. Adi says you say that I bring smile on your face. Kashvi says it is because of our friendship. She says she values their friendship and tells that she loves him as her friend, but not as love. She says she don’t want to lose her friend, and says sorry if he misunderstood her gestures. She says even if she marries him, then also she can’t love him. She says she couldn’t move on until now and still loves her past. Adi says he had hurt you then you can’t move on. Kashvi says I hope you shall get such a girl who loves you equally. She says I am not the right girl for you, and says your friendship is important for me, and I respect and value it, and says I don’t want to ruin it as we can’t be more than friends. Adi gets teary eyes. Kashvi goes to the washroom and says why did you change your feelings Adi?

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Mahima comes there and tells Kashvi that her choice is best now. Kashvi says Adi is just my friend. Mahima says first you befriend someone and then marry him. She says I left Arjun and you married him, but as he loves me, he returned to me. She says I hope Adi doesn’t have the girlfriend before, else history will repeat again. She blames Kashvi for getting her uttaran. Kashvi asks her to stop it and you got married to him, and asks her to stop nasty and dirty comments. She says you don’t deserve to talk to me and goes. Mahima hopes she gets married soon as she doesn’t know that Arjun loves Kashvi even after marrying her. Arjun cries and says his wish is not fulfilled and thinks now his wish can never be fulfilled as Adi proposed her and she might have agreed by now. He says he is feeling hurt and can’t bear to see her with anyone else. He says he is feeling burning sensation. Kashvi comes there and sees Arjun. She gets shocked and thinks he is drunk. She goes behind him to the terrace. Waiter who served him drink sees them going to terrace.

Mahima searches for Arjun. Vishal asks her. Mahima says it seems Arjun left. He says I will not leave stunning wife for a minute. Mahima says unfortunately, I am not your wife and tells that Arjun is like that, and that she will book the cab. Adi thinks where is Kashvi, I shall apologize to her and deal with my feelings.

Precap: Kashvi tries to stop Arjun as he stands on the railing. Adi gets Kashvi’s file to check who is her ex husband. Kashvi asks Arjun to come down. Arjun says he wants to jump down. Kashvi shouts Arjun.