Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th April 2024 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Isha is taking the video of the baraat, when the kidnapper comes to her. Everyone is dancing in the baraat. Aditya wearing Arjun’s jacket comes out of the room with mask on his face. Isha is unconscious.

Isha’s mother welcomes Monty. Pandit ji asks them to call the bride. Isha’s mother comes to the bride’s room and searches her in the room, and then in bathroom. She wonders where did she go? She calls her and finds her phone on the floor. She thinks something is wrong and comes out to inform that Isha is missing. Monty says she must be here, did you see properly. Isha’s mother tells that she is not there. Monty says I will call her. Isha’s mother says her phone was fallen down the window. Kashvi asks them not to think negative and says they shall search her in every rooms. Romila tells Mahima that she don’t want to search her, and tells that Isha is a drama baaz. Mahima says we have to act. They search for Isha and finds her jewellery piece. Monty tells that they shall call the Police. Jagdish calls Commissioner. Romila says we shall not go to Police. Kashvi argues that they shall go to Police as the matter is sensitive and Isha is missing. Aditya comes there and says Isha is not outside. Kashvi says we shall go out and see. They see Isha coming there and falling down. They all hold her. Doctor comes there and checks Isha. She tells that Isha is molested. Everyone is shocked. Doctor says she shall be treated to the hospital and asks them to inform Police. Isha’s father is shocked. Jagdish consoles him. Aditya asks everyone to be strong and take Isha to hospital so that she can get best treatment. Romila says I will not let this girl become my bahu, and will not take her to hospital. Kashvi says you are treating as if she is not a human. She says I feel ashamed to call you Chachi and says because of woman like you, other women names are ruined. Romila warns her. Monty defends Kashvi and tells that Kashvi di is right, and says he will marry Isha only and not any other girl. Ronila raises her hand to slap him. Monty says you have no feelings in you, you don’t deserve to be a mother, now I understand why papa and you don’t understand each other. Keval asks Monty to leave it. Monty says we have always ignored her doings. He tells Isha’s father that he will marry Isha only. Isha’s father says she has chosen a diamond. Kashvi tells Monty that she is proud of him and will get his marriage done with her. Mahima says even I am with you. Romila says ok, but don’t go to Police. Monty says he wants to get the culprit punished.

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Arjun comes back to the office and thinks he has left the girl at her house, she is safe. He says don’t know what has happened to people now a days. He comes inside the room and finds the constables unconscious and security guard unconscious. He finds all the arms missing and thinks everyone’s lives are in danger. Micky calls him and informs about Isha. Arjun says I will come there. He thinks what to do, one side city is in trouble and other side is family. He calls Raunaq Sir and informs him about the blunder.

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