Yeh Hai Chahatein 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Aditya lies to impress Kashvi

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Karun asks Kashvi to have samosa. Kashvi says she is seriously not hungry. She thinks her hunger died seeing Arjun and Mahima together. Aditya comes there and tells that he will feed samosa to his Kashvi. He asks her to eat. Kashvi says it. Arjun gets jealous while sitting with Mahima. Dadi gifts ancestral necklace to Isha. Keval asks Monty and Isha to touch Dadi’s feet. They touch her feet. Dadi blesses them to have children. Mahima says you shall give this blessing to Kashvi and Aditya, and says Kashvi shall give a cousin to Karun. Arjun says Mahima….you are amazingly smart. Dadi asks Aditya and Kashvi to come and take her blessings. They touch her feet. Dadi blesses them to have children. Romila tells Dadi that her blessing were go waste. She tells that they don’t have any relation. Aditya says it is our personal, bedroom thing, who are you to interfere, only we will know, and asks how you will know. He says you are lying to defame my wife. Romila asks if you both sleep on the same bed daily. Aditya says yes. Romila shows the photo in which Aditya is sleeping on the couch and Kashvi is sleeping on the bed. She says she is married since 25 years and knows how the ordinary couple stays. She says your marriage is just a drama, you people are fake and liars and have betrayed us. Arjun asks the guests to go and have food in the lawn. The guests gossip and go.

Arjun thinks Kashvi and Aditya don’t sleep together. Mahima sends Karun to room. She looks at Aditya and recalls his plan to expose Kashvi and his marriage secret before everyone, to gain Kashvi’s sympathy. She calls Romila and asks her to go to their room, and take their bedroom video. She says this is good chance to exit Kashvi from Arjun’s life. Romila says lets do the drama. Later she comes to Aditya and Kashvi’s house and takes their video. Fb ends. Aditya asks Romila if she doesn’t have any manners, you made our video and now showing infront of guests, relatives and family. He says why you have enmity with Kashvi. Romila says I am saying truth. Jagdish says it is misbehavior, and asks why she said all that, it is their personal work. keval says you did so much and arguing. Romila says I have done what Kashvi used to do, and tells that even the kids are gossiping that Arjun and Kashvi are having an affair, and relatives are asking us about their illegitimate relation, and it is their personal matter. Aditya says I trust Kashvi, she is not having any affair. She says when people are talking about her affair, I checked in her room and takes the video, so that nobody can refuse. She says if I didn’t have the video then Aditya would have blackened my face.

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Mahima asks Kashvi to say something and says may be you both slept separately yesterday only. Romila says this is truth, and says Kashvi and Arjun are having an affair, and they were having romance during holi. Arjun shouts enough and says I will not hear anything against Kashvi. Aditya says don’t act as you care for Kashvi and says you have betrayed her, cheated her and now she is getting defamed because of you. he says I will tell you about this video truth. Kashvi thinks don’t tell the truth. She says you don’t need to clarify. Aditya says I will not let them spoil your character and tells that problem lies with him, they don’t sleep together as he has some medical issues, he can’t give her husband’s love and that’s why he sleeps separately. Everyone is shocked. Aditya says my Kashu didn’t leave me, and tells that if any other girl was on her place, then would have left him. Kashvi looks at him crying. Mahima thinks Kashvi has gone mad for Aditya and will fall in his embrace thinking him to be God. Aditya acts and asks Romila to have shame to show his niece’s bedroom video. Romila says I did it for Kashvi, she is not having parents, and people were gossiping so I brought this issue. She says I love Kashvi very much. Aditya says your love is cheap and asks her to go and tell everyone that problem is in him, but don’t defame his wife. Romila acts and says wrong thing have happened with Kashvi. Kashvi says today you have broken Aunt and Niece relation. Keval asks Romila to apologize. Kashvi says no need and goes with Aditya.

Later Kashvi tells Aditya that she thought that he will tell the truth to everyone, but you didn’t do this and says you have done a big favor on me. She says it is all my mistake, you have to lie because of me, and has to make yourself fall down. She says you have to lie and your reputation and image will be effected, and asks why did he do this?

Precap: Monty tells Arjun that Kashvi has given divorce papers to him. Kashvi sees message about Aditya written in the bathroom that he is not a man. Aditya says he wants someone to take care of him. Kashvi says I am with you. Aditya hugs her. Arjun comes there and asks Adi to stay from Kashvi. He pushes Adi and Adi falls on the bottle.