Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Nitya Senses Trouble

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 29th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Kashvi takes Arjun to Dadaji’s room and says he brought him to meet this person. Arjun is shocked and emotional to see his Dadaji alive. Romila and Keval return to Bajwa house. Jagadish and Nitya invite them for dinner. They say they had dinner outside and want to rest. Romila walks to Nitya’s room with a necklace box and thinks says she gifted Nitya’s real necklace to Mahima and will silently keep this fake one in the cupboard. She gets more happy seeing cupboard keys. Kashvi informs Arjun how she found Dadaji in Haridwar and learnt about him via an ashram and how she brought him here with Kabir’s help. She further describes how Samrat had reached Dadaji in Haridwar and doubts that Aruna killed Samrat and Nayan as Samrat knew about her involvement in trying to kill Dadaji 10 years ago. Arjun is shocked to learn all this.

Kashvi further reveals that Dadaji was attacked even in Faridabad and she thought Arjun was the attacker, but then she learnt from Daadi that he saved Sabharwal family from fire accident at the same time when Dadaji was attacked and confirmed that Arjun is not the attacker. She describes how happy she was after realizing that her Arjun is not an attacker. Arjun insists to meet Dadaji. Kashvi says Dadaji had reacted seeing his photo earlier. Arjun doesn’t agree and goes to meet Dadaji. Kabir returns and Kashvi informs that Arjun went to meet Dadaji. Kabir says Dadaji may get a panic attack again. They both rush to Dadaji’s room. Arjun wakes up Dadaji and expresses his love towards hm. Dadaji also gets emotional seeing Arjun and touches his face. Kashvi feels happy seeing that.

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Kashvi returns home followed by Arjun. Jagadish asks where were they till late night. Arjun brings Dadaji on a wheelchair. Jagadish gets emotional seeing his father alive and asks where was he till now. Nitya is shocked to see her FIL at home and thinks of escaping before he exposes her. Kashvi says Dadaji can’t speak and is paralyzed after his accident 10 years ago. Nitya thanks god that he always saves her and starts her acting. She acts shocked seeing Dadaji alive, hugs him, and murmurs in his ears not to act as afraid of her and reveal truth or else she will kill his son and grandson as he knows she can do anything to save herself. Jagadish asks Kashvi how she found Dadaji. Kashvi reveals whole story.

Precap: Arjun informs Jagadish that Dadaji was attacked 10 years ago and even today was attacked. Jagadish asks who would do that. Kashvi says she thinks a family member is behind Dadaji’s attack. Polie commissioner enters and says they found a reason behind all this and will solve the case soon. Nitya gets tensed.