Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun Confronts Kashvi

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 28th July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Kashvi thanks Arjun for taking her stand in front of the family. Arjun says she should keep her thank you to herself as he protected his wife’s dignity. He asks why she lied that she is going to Sabharwal and went to meet Kabir, he knows she spent time with Kabir in Haridwar, reached Faridabad with him, had chole bhature with him lying that she is on the way from Haridwar, lied to him last night and went to meet Kabir, etc. He asks her to please tell him if she is having an affair with Kabir and asks if she ever thought how he will feel being her husband and best friend. Kashvi thinks she can’t reveal truth to him. Arjun shouts to answer him. Kashvi says what shall she answer when he himself decided that she is ruining family’s dignity and is having an affair. Arjun walks away angrily.

Kashvi thinks if Arjun knows that she reached Faridabad with Kabir, he must be knowing about Dadaji and must be the one who tried to kill Dadaji. She thinks she knows Arjun since childhood and he can’t harm anyone, but Dadaji got a panic attack seeing Arjun’s photo; if that is true, then she really doesn’t know Arjun. Kabir calls Kashvi and informs that they reached back home. Kashvi breaks down and says he was right that the attacker is the one who had tried to kill Dadaji before, she thinks Arjun is the attacker as Arjun saw them in Faridabad and must have followed her to the hotel room. Kabir is shocked to hear that.

Romila and Keval meet Mahima and Pradyuman. Mahima asks if they came here for money, then she can’t help. They say they didn’t come here for money and gift her a necklace. Romila says Daadi didn’t want to give anything to Mahima and didn’t want anyone to attend her wedding, but they both consider Mahima as their daughter and hence brought this gift. Pradyuman thanks them for their concern. They walk out and discuss how they gave a fake necklace to Mahima and paved a way for their wealth from Mahima. Kashvi breaks down in front of Kashvi and describes her and Arjun’s fights. Daadi says Arjun is a good boy and describes how he risked his life and saved them from fire accident. She assures him that Arjun is the best life partner for her.

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Kashvi feels confident that Arjun is not the one who tried to kill Dadaji. She walks to him and says she wants to tell him why she lied to him. Arjun says he doesn’t want to know and expresses his jealousy towards Kabir. Kashvi smiles and says she feels good seeing him jealous. Arjun says he is not jealous but is angry on boyfriend Kabir. Kashvi says Kabir is just her friend and not boyfriend. Arjun asks if she is telling truth. Kashvi asks her to look at her face and sense if she is telling truth or not. He thinks she is not scratching her nose, so she is telling truth. Kashvi says she will show him something and takes him to Kabir’s house. Arjun gets angry seeing Kabir. Their argument starts. Kabir asks Kashvi why she brought Arjun here when she knows he attacked Dadaji. Kashvi says Arjun didn’t attack Dadaji as he was saving her family from fire accident when the attacker attacked Dadaji. Arjun says she is confusing him. She takes him to a room and shows Dadaji. Arjun stands shocked.

Precap: Arjun brings Dadaji home. Nitya drops plates in shock seeing Dadaji. Arjun informs Jagadish that someone tried to kill Dadaji 10 years ago. Police commissioner says they found a reason behind all this. Nitya stands tensed.