Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Mahima tries to trap Arjun again

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Arjun tells Kashvi that he will apply color to her. Kashvi asks if he has courage then apply color to her. She runs laughing, while Arjun runs behind her and throwing the color, but she teasingly doesn’t let him apply color to her face. She collides with Adi. Adi applies color to her face and says your husband color is on your face now. He asks her to apply color. Kashvi thinks she wanted Arjun to apply color to her face, but her wish didn’t fulfilled. She takes color and comes to apply on Adi’s face, but Arjun lifts Kashvi and puts her in the color water tub. He then makes Adi apply color to his own face with his hand and wishes him happy holi. He tells Adi that he has colored Kashvi from top to toe. Karun jumps in the water and plays. Arjun also joins Kashvi and Karun. Mahima and Aditya get angry.

Mahima tells Romila that Arjun has done drama and pretend as if she don’t exist for him. she says nobody told anything to them. Romila asks her to drink water and calm down. She asks her to make use of this chance, and intoxicate Arjun with bhang thandai, and then get closer to him in reality. She says last time you had taken Kashvi’s son and this time it will be real and you will have your own child, then Arjun can’t look back at Kashvi again. Mahima appreciates her plan.

Aditya plans to kill Arjun and looks on revengeful. Nisha’s parents are happy that their daughter is getting a good sasural. Keval tells Monty that everyone shall drink thandai mixed with Bhang. Monty asks everyone to have it. Jagdish asks if something is mixed in it. Monty says no. Keval assures him. Mahima asks who drinks plain thandai. Monty says it is special one only.

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Mahima says we shall play a game. She challenges Arjun to drink first. Keval competes with Arjun and they drink. Mahima challenges Arjun to drink more. Nisha’s father and Arjun drinks. Arjun gets intoxicated and says he has won. Romila asks Mahima to take Arjun to room and execute her plan. Kashvi holds him, but Mahima tells that she will take her husband. She takes Arjun to room and touches him. Arjun hides his face and doesn’t let her touch him. Mahima uses the same perfume which Kashvi would use. She says I love you. Arjun sees Kashvi and gets happy. He is about to kiss her, when Karun knocks on the door, saying he wants to take his balloon. Arjun comes back to his senses and sees Mahima with him. He gets shocked and runs to open the door and tells Karun that he has saved him. Karun says he needs water balloons. Mahima thinks Karun came inbetween and thinks she will get Arjun anyhow.

Precap: Arjun thinks Mahima had trapped him 6 years back as he lost control and says he has love for Kashvi only. Aditya hears him. Romila asks Mahima to take Arjun out, and asks Karun if he needs sister or brother and asks him to convince Arjun to take you out. Aditya thinks to pour a bucket of poisonous colored water on Arjun. .