Yeh Hai Chahatein 23rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun gets bullied by the fellow trainees

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Karun insists to go with him. Mahima asking Arjun to take him and says he will see you and learn something. Arjun says it is not sadsang or your kitty party. He says he can’t take him. Karun thinks if his nose is getting big and asks Mahima to say. Mahima thinks she wouldn’t have bring him up, if she knows that it is troublesome. Karun tells that aunty told him that if he lies then his nose will become long. He tells that aunty fought with the goons and the Police officer calls her Madam. Mahima thinks the lady must be big officer than Arjun, and thinks she shall take her stamp which Mohan wanted. She tells Karun that she will thank the lady personally, who saved him. Karun says ok.

Arjun is getting ready to go for training. Romila says Arjun has become an officer. Jagdish asks him not to do anything wrong like Nitya. Arjun says yes. Kashvi tells that she is going to the training camp and says she has told everyone not to tell about her. Dadi makes her eat sugar and curd. Kashvi goes. Dadi thinks the destiny games changes the tables. Arjun says bye Karun. Karun says bye. Keval salutes Arjun. Arjun salutes him back. He leaves. Mahima says go, just as you go, I will take papers from Mohan and will come there to take the stamp, atleast my burden will be removed. She holds Karun’s hand and asks him to come. Romila asks where you are going? Mahima scolds her and goes.

In the training centre, the trainees are asked to write their info on the form. A trainee Vishal taunts Arjun for clearing the exam after so many attempts. Arjun gets angry. Another trainee asks them to stop it and tells that they shall appreciate Arjun for clearing the exam. He says we have come here to grow and become something. Arjun taunts them and tells that if they pull someone down then they will fall down too.

Mahima and Karun come to the office. Mahima searches for the paper in the car. Karun goes inside. He talks to the Peon and tells that he wants to meet Kashvi aunty and tells that he is the boy who was saved by her. He asks if you didn’t see the new channel. Peon says ok and asks him to go. Mahima comes there and asks Karun why he didn’t wait for her. She thinks who is she, for whom he don’t want to wait for me. Peon informs Kashvi that she can start the training as all the trainees are waiting. Kashvi takes her mobile and goes.

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Mahima comes to Kashvi’s cabin with Karun, but she is not there. She thinks it is good, she will take the stamp. Karun says he wants to go to bathroom. Mahima asks him to go himself. Karun goes. The trainees come to the training room. The trainee says he heard that the training officer is a lady. Another guy says the ladies shall handle kitchen only. Arjun says the women are ruling on the country and tells that you might have read as you passed the exam, and tells that they shall be progressive in their thoughts, and asks them to change their thoughts and the country will change. Vishal calls him women protector and asks him to protect himself first. Vishal thinks to make trainer and Arjun repent, and says trainer will repent to do job here, and Arjun will repent to come for training.

Karun gets stuck in the bathroom and cries for help. Kashvi is going from there, and hears him. Karun calls Mamma and Dad, save me. Kashvi asks who is inside? Karun says I am stuck inside, save me. Kashvi says Karun, if you are inside. Karun says save me aunty. Kashvi says I will open the door and finds the door stuck. She thinks the door is closed from inside and asks him to open it from inside. Karun says my hands are not reaching it. Kashvi asks him to jump and reach the knob. Karun says I can’t reach and asks her to save him. He cries. Karun says if I couldn’t get out then what will happen. Kashvi thinks he is panicking, but I have to distract him. She tells him that she is with him, and asks if there is any stool there. He says no. Kashvi gets worried.

Precap: Karun is still stuck and asks Kashvi to save him. Kashvi asks if he came alone. He says he has come with his Mamma. Mahima takes Kashvi’s stamp on Mohan’s paper. Kashvi comes there and says Mahi.