Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Arjun saves Kashvi

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 20th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Kashvi telling Birju that he has started the game, but she will end it. Birju says I have started it and will end it. He says he will cut the boy into pieces, so that the people’s soul gets shaken up on seeing him. Kashvi warns him and says she has come to take him and will take him. She starts fighting with Birju. The Police officers free themselves and begins fighting with the goons. The goon holds Karun. Karun shouts Aunty. Kashvi shoots at the goon’s hand. The two goons hold her. Kashvi beats him and asks Karun to leave from there. Karun is still standing. Kashvi asks Karun to run and holds his hand to take him outside, when holds Kashvi with her dupatta. Kashvi asks Karun to run out. He refuses leaving her there. She says she is fine and gives him his parents’ swear. He runs out. Kashvi beats the goons. Birju comes there and slaps her twice. She falls down. The goons hit the Police constables. Kashvi thinks to call the back up team, and thinks to call the team. She finds the phone missing and thinks it was in jacket. She finds her jacket and looks at her broken phone. She thinks how I will call my team. She gets up and begins fighting and hitting the goons. Arjun sees her fighting, but doesn’t see her face. He thinks where is Karun? Karun comes out and shouts Dad. Arjun rushes to him and hugs him. He asks if he is fine? Karun says he is fine. The officer asks Inspector if Kashvi’s call came. Inspector says no and asks if they shall go inside now. Officer says they shall wait for kashvi’s call or signal.

Birju picks Kashvi’s gun which is on the ground and aims at her. He says you have informed Police and made the boy eloped. He asks the Police constables to leave his men if they want to see her alive. Kashvi says don’t agree to this goon, and tells that if he wants to kill her, then let him kill her, but don’t leave them. The Police constable says they can’t put her in danger and surrenders to goon. The others do the same. Birju says you don’t know my power. Kashvi tells that the woman is Shakti, and promises to put him behind bars. Birju says I will not leave any chance, and tells that he will not waste the bullet. He will hang her so that everyone sees her death. He covers her head with black cloth.

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Arjun changes his clothes and asks Karun how did you come out? Karun says that aunty saved me, and says she asked me to go, but the goon caught her and she is inside now. He tells him that she has saved him from truck and saved him from falling down from the toy horse in fair. Arjun is surprised. Karun says that goon caught her, we will not leave without her. Arjun says she has saved you, I will save her and asks him to be there hiding. Karun promises him. Arjun thinks if she is kashvi and thinks he will save whoever she is.

Birju puts rope in Kashvi’s neck and says you are dying for the boy who is not your son. Kashvi tells that she is happy that she is giving her life to save someone. Birju says you deserve to die, even now you are arguing. He asks the goons to hang her. They pull the rope. Kashvi is getting hanged. Arjun comes there and sees her hanging. Birju says you shall feel the pain so that people knows how it feels to betray him. Arjun runs and comes there. He pushes Birju and holds Kashvi’s leg. He says nothing will happen to you. Birju asks who are you? Arjun says it doesn’t matter, I will not let you fulfill your bad intentions. Birju says even you will die with him. He is about to stab him, when Officer and Inspector comes there with the team. They shoot at Birju. Arjun asks officer to cut the rope. The officer leaves the rope, so that Kashvi comes down. Arjun holds her and takes out the black cloth from her head. He sees Kashvi. Kashvi opens her eyes and looks at him. She faints. Yeh hain chahatein plays….Arjun asks her to open her eyes. The officer asks if she is fine? Arjun says the goons had hang her, her pulse is weak and she needs to be taken to hospital. Inspector asks Arjun, what is he doing here? Arjun says sorry and says he can’t stop himself. Officer asks him to go to Karun and says they will take Kashvi to hospital. Arjun thinks to take Karun from there and then go to Kashvi.

Precap: Arjun asks Kashvi to return and asks her not to leave him. He apologizes to her and cries. Kashvi asks Dadi if Arjun was here.