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Kartik was going mad looking at Naira’s blood.

No no no I can’t reveal my identity to her I need to control Kartik thought in his mind.

Naira turns to ask him something.

He hugs Naira tightly in order to hide his Red eyes and grown teeth from Naira.

What happened why did you hugged me are you fine. Did I do something wrong Kartik asked Naira innocently.

Actually I just wanted to hug you Naira just like that Kartik said.

But .. Naira said but Kartik stopped her.

Naira please don’t break the hug please no if and buts Kartik said.

He is really so wierd some times Naira thought in her mind.

Kartik then broke the hug.

Why did you hug me Kartik asked Naira confusingly .

You are so careless yaar look at your finger you are hurt said Kartik

Naira laughs.

So funny you are scared of blood o God that’s why you hugged me asked Naira happily.

Ha so what please don’t laugh Kartik said.

Okay okay you go away now thanks for cooking the rice I will do rest of the cooking Naira said.

By the way I will also eat your cooked food. Kartik said.

Naira gets Happy and hugs him again.

Sorry I got over excited that you are ready to eat home made food Naira said shyly.

She then breaks the hug.

Why to apologise just for a hug Naira friends do hug it’s okay Kartik said.

But we are not friends Naira said.

Naira Kartik said.

No I am really sorry I mean we are I mean Naira tried to apologise.

Kartik putted his hand on her mouth.

It’s okay thank God you cleared that we are not friends so now let’s be friends Naira Kartik said while forwarding this other hand to Naira.

Naira shakes her hand with Kartik.

They both smile at each other and share an eye lock.

Okay now go and wait for the dinner said Naira.

What will  I do waiting alone outside for you and the dinner Naira asked Naira.

And what will you do here Kartik Naira asked.

Nothing I will just look at you while you are cooking said Kartik cutely.

I am not very beautiful that you will look at me only shut up your cheesy lines and go away you are distracting me now Kartik said Naira.

But which idiot person told you that you are not beautiful I think you are the most beautiful girl Naira I have never seen any other girl who is as beautiful as you said Kartik.

What. Naira asked shyly.

I am I you are beautiful I am just giving you a complement Kartik said shyly.

Thanks for the complement now go and wait for the dinner Kartik Naira said smiling happily.

Okay as you wish. Kartik says and goes away.

Naira comes with the food and serves it on the dinning table.

Naira sits near Kartik.

You may start eating I hope you will love the taste Kartik Naira said presenting the food to Kartik.

Kartik starts eating the food.

He likes the taste .

Delicious it is so good you are really a good cook Naira I feel like kissing your hands for such a tasty food said Kartik.

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O God Kartik this cheezy line is so old please don’t say all this things to me Naira said shyly.

But why are you getting shy I have the right to say these cheezy lines to you because we are friends said Kartik.

Dont you know Kartik gf bf talks like this not friends said Naira.

In Canada kissing friends is very normal I don’t know when indians will grow up said Kartik.

He gets up and holds Naira’s hand.

Very tasty the dinner was thank you so much he says while giving a kiss on her hand.

Okay now you go and sleep Naira said being hesitated due to the kiss.

I have slept the whole morning Naira now I can’t sleep I am not feeling sleepy at all . Kartik said.

But then if you will not sleep just now then you will again sleep the full day in morning. Naira said.

So what Kartik says casually and goes away.

Naira was still eating her food.

Kartik goes in Naira’s room .

By the time Naira is eating her food let me do this Kartik thought While looking at the fan in Naira’s room.

When Naira finishes eating.

She goes in Kartik’s room

He was lying down on his bed.

Good night i an going to sleep please don’t hesitate to call me if you want anything okay  Naira said with a smile on her face.

Okay don’t worry about me go and sleep good night Said Kartik .

Naira goes away in her room.

Naira switches on her fan.

She then goes and sits on her bed.

She was working on her phone.

She was sweating badly.

Why is it so hot even when fan is on Naira thought in her mind.

Naira gets up from the bed.

I think this fan is not cooling properly it’s giving warm air not cold o God this fan has to get damaged at night now at this time I will not get a mechanic also Naira thought sadly .

Naira switches off the fan.

She goes away in the guest room.

Sorry to disturb you Kartik actually my fan is not working properly I can’t sleep in warm can I be here for tonight . Naira requested.

Why are you requesting it’s your own house every room here is yours you can off course sleep here along with me Kartik said happily.

Okay but not with you. Naira said.

How mean of you I am a guest and your friend also you want me to sleep on sofa outside said Kartik in a husky tone.

No I mean I will sleep on the floor. Said Naira.

Why will you when the bed is there come on Naira we can share a bed it’s not a big thing come please Kartik requested.

Naira did not thought much and went to the bed.

She sat on the bed near Kartik.

Okay fine let’s sleep good night. Naira said.

Off course now it’s good night said Kartik happily.

Kartik Naira then both lye down on bed .


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