Udaariyaan 8th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kabir misleads Aasma

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The Episode starts with Ekam asking Aasma what’s all this, did you take revenge on them, if Alia did this, then you could have spoken to me. Aasma says no, I didn’t know they are in jail, they had passport and visa. Ekam asks her to shut up. Kabir says enough, you have said a lot, leave Aasma alone, please leave. Ekam says if anything happens to my daughter, then remember, you will get my curse. Ekam and Nehmat leave. Aasma asks Kabir what are you doing, you have ashamed a father, I told you, don’t interfere in my matter, leave. Kabir says I won’t go leaving you alone, I will stand outside, I will always support you. He leaves. Rano asks Aasma to forgive her. She asks what did you do with Armaan. Aasma says trust me, I didn’t do this, if they are in jail, I don’t know why. Sukhi says maybe its Armaan’s punishment, I can’t believe you can do this. Sukhi and Rano leave.

Deepak says I know, you didn’t do this. Aasma says Harleen was speaking to Ekam, how does she know Alia. Deepak says listen to me carefully, keep some courage, Harleen knows this, because Ekam and Harleen are your parents. Everyone is shocked. He says your real dad is Ekam, and Alia is your sister, Alia is Ekam and Nehmat’s daughter and you are Ekam and Harleen’s daughter, Harleen did this to use Alia as a weapon to take revenge on Ekam and Nehmat, because Ekam deported Harleen from India. Aasma is shocked.

Deepak says Ekam is your dad, I know, you didn’t do anything wrong, come, I will take you to Ekam, I don’t want him to curse you. Aasma stops and says no, I won’t go in front of him. He asks why. She says wrong happened with Alia and Armaan, I don’t know how did they reach jail, I can’t be here, I have to go to Canada and get them, I will make Ekam and Alia meet, then I will tell Ekam that I m his daughter. Dadi asks how can Armaan do this, be strong. Rano cries. Neetu says I can’t believe, Armaan and Alia, she is disgusting. Sukhi says just get my son out of there, do something. He ends the call. Raja says Aasma has come. They all go out to see Aasma. Aasma says I don’t know how they reached jail, I will get them back, I want Armaan’s documents, I promise, I will get him back before Diwali, pray that he is safe. She wipes Rano’s tears. Sukhi blesses Aasma.

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She goes to Kabir. He asks why did you call me here. She says sorry, I should have not slapped you, I want your help. He says come on Aasma, I can do anything for you, you know it, I can’t see your tears. She says I m fine, how shall I help Armaan and Alia, I want to get them here. He asks are you crazy, let them stay there. She says no, I didn’t want to punish them, Alia is my sister, I got to know this today. He asks what, you want to forgive her because she is your sister. She says I can’t punish their families, I promised Sukhi and Rano that I will get Armaan back, help me if you want, else I will manage myself. He stops her.

He says fine, I will help you, I will always support you. She thanks him. They leave. Armaan dreams of Aasma calling him out for help. He wakes up and shouts Aasma, she is in some problem, I have to leave from here. The jail mates come. Armaan beats them.

Police catches Armaan. Aasma says I got the letter from embassy, I will go there. Kabir says what’s the need to go there, I m here to manage. She says its needed, they are my family also. He starts coughing. He stops the car and goes to get some water. She sits in the car. He buys some water. He throws some water and acts to drink. He says you are helping them, hats off, have water. She says they aren’t my enemies. She drinks the water. They leave. He thinks they are your enemies, you won’t remember anything after drinking this water. She faints. He says you have to forget Armaan, he won’t come back ever in your life. Armaan gets beaten by the police.

Kabir brings Aasma home. He says next time, I will do your grah pravesh properly, you will be here in our room one day. He holds her. He makes her wear an anklet. He says my work is done, Armaan is in detention centre. The inspector says Armaan can’t even walk now. He laughs. Armaan says I want to go to India and meet Aasma.

The episode ends