Udaariyaan 3rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Deepak gets stabbed while saving Aasma

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Udaariyaan 3rd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Armaan breaking the door. He gets inside and shouts Aasma. He finds Aasma’s warring there. He calls Ekam and says I m sure Aasma is here, come soon. Goon asks who are you, how did you come inside. Armaan says my wife is here, I got her earring. Goon hits him. Armaan gets stopped by the goons. Ekam informs Sukhi and asks him to come to the location. Alia sees the goons beating up Armaan.

The lady feeds the kada to Aasma. Aasma tries to get up. She bites the lady’s hand and gets up to run. She falls down. The ladies catch her. Aasma sees the goons beating up Armaan. She locks the door. The goon ties by chains and suffocate him. Aasma worries seeing him. She says Armaan….

Armaan recalls Deepak’s words. Aasma runs to save Armaan. A goon takes a knife to stab Armaan. Aasma pushes the goon away. Armaan fights the goons. Goon catches Aasma. Alia looks on from far. Ekam and everyone come there. Kabir runs to Aasma and beats the goons. Police arrests the goons. Kabir continues to beat a goon. Aasma stops him. Kabir asks how dare you touch Aasma. Aasma gets dizzy. Armaan, Sukhi and Ekam stop Kabir. Goon gets up and goes to stab Aasma. Deepak comes in front of Aasma and gets stabbed. Alia signs the goon to catch her at knifepoint. Ekam asks what are you doing here, Alia. Alia says I came here to find Aasma. Ekam asks goon to leave Alia. Goon pushes Ekam and runs. They rush Deepak to the hospital. Armaan asks will he get fine. Doctor says he had a critical heart surgery, you know everything, he left after the surgery. Aasma asks what, he had undergone a surgery. She sits crying.

Aasma gets angry. Aasma recalls Alia. Alia looks on. Armaan holds Aasma’s hand and says sorry. Aasma goes away. Deepak gets treated. She says you didn’t tell me about dad’s surgery. Armaan says he asked me not to tell anyone. Kabir consoles Aasma. Sukhi says don‘t worry, Matarani will make everything fine.

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Ashok and Preeto come there and meet Aasma. Aasma says I won’t go anywhere. Armaan says Aasma got hurt, do her dressing. Aasma sits and gets the dressing done. Armaan gets a glass of juice and medicines to Aasma. Aasma thinks they both think I m a fool, they have put me in danger and then saved me. She takes the medicines. She sees Alia.

Ashok asks who were those people. Ekam says I will investigate this matter and find out the goons. Alia thinks what to do. Doctor comes. He says surgery went well, but the next 24 hours are critical for him, we are shifting him to ICU. Aasma and everyone see Deepak. Aasma says I can’t forgive myself ever.

Armaan goes to the Gurudwara and prays for Deepak. Aasma and everyone pray for Deepak. Rano says I think whatever happened today, Armaan and Aasma will come closer. Aasma thanks the doctor. She says I will stay with dad, you go home. Armaan says I m also here. He cares for her. Kabir says Armaan is with Aasma to take care of her, we shall go, come Alia, I will drop you home. Its morning, Doctor says Deepak will get fine soon. Aasma and Armaan thank him. Aasma says I love you Papa. Deepak says you are lucky to get a life partner like Armaan, he has saved me twice today, he donated blood to me, he didn’t move from here until my surgery got done, he took care of me like a son.

Deepak comes home. Everyone is glad seeing him. Everyone praises Armaan and Aasma. Aasma says I want to go to Canada. Everyone looks on.

The episode ends