Udaariyaan 28th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Meher falls into trouble

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Udaariyaan 28th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with the police taking away Meher. Armaan and Meher hold hands. The lady takes Meher with her. Meher shouts. Aasma and Armaan are taken by the police. Armaan comes out of the lockup. Aasma says that lady has taken the complaint back, we have to talk to the lawyer, only he can tell us, how you will get her custody back. They come home. Armaan cries and thinks of Meher. He says I can’t live without Meher. Meher comes running and hugs him. Police comes. Inspector says we know your feelings for Meher, but her mum wants to stay with her, she has taken the complaint back, make sure this doesn’t happen again. The lady says I have no complains, he has given much love and care to Meher, I got Meher here but can’t give Meher to him. She says you just have one day time, do anything you want, but then she will be just my daughter, I gave you the proof, I m her mum. Aasma scolds her. The lady argues with her. She says I hope you remember the deadline of 24 hours. Meher says I want to stay with my dad. The lady says I want my rights. Inspector says I hope you don’t take the girl away. The lady asks Meher to pack her bags. Armaan hugs Meher. Meher cries.

Rano asks Aasma to leave, its their family matter. Meher runs to Aasma and hugs her. Armaan and Meher ask Aasma to stay back. Sukhi says stay back. Armaan says you did a lot for Meher, we will call Haniya here, Meher will feel happy, maybe this is our life’s toughest 24 hours. Aasma says we have to hire a lawyer, Simmi is a lawyer. Meher wakes up and shouts. Armaan hugs her.

Aasma prays. Its morning, Meher says I can’t stay there without dad. Haniya says you said that aunty will give Armaan to the police. Meher says I will hide, promise me, you won’t tell anyone. Aasma looks for the kids. She asks Sukhi did you see Meher and Haniya. He says yes, they are playing outside. Aasma thanks him. She asks Haniya about Meher. Haniya says I can’t tell you, Meher is my sister, I won’t let anyone take her. Aasma asks where is she, tell me. Armaan sees Meher’s belongings and gets emotional.

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Rano comes and asks him to give the kada to Simmi for Meher’s cold relief. Aasma asks Haniya about Meher. Rano scolds Haniya. Armaan asks Haniya to tell them. Haniya says I have promised Meher, I can’t tell you. Aasma says please tell us, if she gets hurt then… Haniya says I can’t tell you. Armaan looks for Meher. He says just tell me, is she inside or outside the house. Haniya takes them oytside the house. Meher is inside a locker. She says no one can find me here. Armaan and Aasma shout Meher. Sukhi says this locker is jammed, so I kept it here. Armaan and Aasma try to pull the locker door. He calls Jaggi and asks him to send the keymaker home. Rano scolds Haniya. Haniya says I didn’t do anything, it was Meher’s idea. Aasma says Haniya is also worried for Meher.

Simmi comes and asks what’s happening. Meher says I feel scared. She asks what did you do with my daughter. Aasma says Armaan loves Meher a lot, she doesn’t want to go with you so she locked herself. Simmi says this locker is hot. Haniya says mumma has also hold the hot locker. Aasma asks Meher to push the door. The keymaker comes and says this locker is damaged, I can’t make its keys, I have to cut it. Simmi says then cut it. Armaan says my daughter is inside. Aasma says we have to cool this locker. They try to lift the locker.

Aasma says we have to cover this. Armaan gets ice. Aasma gets water. Meher says I m getting dizzy. Armaan drops the ice. Everyone helps him. Haniya says nothing will happen to you. Aasma says we all are here. She asks Armaan to tell Meher’s fav song. He says Ve Haniya…. Aasma and Armaan sing the song for Haniya.

The men come to cut the locker. Simmi says I have called them, get my daughter out. Aasma asks are you mad. Aasma and Armaan stop the man and push him away. Meher faints. Armaan prays. Aasma says Meher, say something.

The episode ends.