Udaariyaan 24th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Jordan reveals his story

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The Episode starts with Alia asking Jordan what did you do. Armaan says Jordan, you have killed Kabir, right. Jordan says no, I don’t know Kabir, I didn’t kill him, there is attempt to murder case charge on me, that’s why I m running, I had loved Ilahi more than my life, I m charged with her attempt to murder case. He shows Ilahi’s pic to them. He says I m hiding in my own city because of this problem. Aasma says I find something fishy. Armaan says he would have lied something else, I don’t find any lies in his words. Aasma says we have to find Kabir’s body. Rano asks Sukhi what did Ekam say, why isn’t the police finding our children. Ekam comes and says they aren’t lost, they got hidden. Sukhi asks why will they hide. Ekam says Kabir is dead. Ekam says Aasma has killed him. They are shocked. Aasma, Armaan and Alia check all the rooms. Aasma sees Jordan. She asks Armaan how can the body disappear, we will find again. Alia says he isn’t mad to keep body home. Aasma taunts her. She follows Jordan and checks. She says we didn’t check outside the house, come with me. Ekam says I have arrest warrant against Aasma. Sukhi asks what, I can’t imagine that she can kill someone, you are her dad, you know her. Ekam says I have the proof. He shows the pic. They are shocked.

Aasma, Armaan and Alia remove the flower pots and check the uneven land. Armaan gets a shovel and digs. Joden says there is nothing here. Armaan finds a sack. He sees some rotten vegs. Armaan says I told you, there is nothing, you are wasting my time. Aasma scolds him. She asks where is the body, tell me. Sukhi says I don’t believe this photo, Aasma can’t do this. Ekam says if she didn’t kill anyone then why is she running away, she should have come to me, we didn’t get Kabir’s body. Alia says I don’t care, I have to go home. Armaan says don’t act innocent, you won’t go. Alia says I didn’t do anything. Armaan says yes, it happens on own. Aasma sees the gardener wearing chain and thinks its Kabir’s chain. She asks from where did you get this. He says I bought this from market. Aasma says I gifted this chain pendant to Kabir on his birthday, you are lying. Armaan asks where is the dead body. The man says I don’t know. Armaan threatens him.

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Jordan slaps the gardener and asks where is the body. The man pushes Jordan and runs. They ask him to stop. The man flees. Armaan says he knew it, he would have told us. Jordan asks what’s my fault if he has run away. Alia asks how will we know about the body. Ekam says they are in trouble, we should help them, until we get Kabir’s body. Blood falls over his face. They look up. They get shocked. Kabir’s body falls down. Jordan says I didn’t kill anyone, stop blaming me. He gets a call. He says I missed my imp meeting. Armaan says you won’t go anywhere. Jordan asks will you come along. Aasma says let him go. Jordan thanks her. She says don’t act smart. Jordan says she is a sensible wife, lucky guy. He goes. Armaan says you made a mistake. Aasma says we will follow him. Dadi says Aasma can’t do this. Raja cries and says I told you, I saw a dead body. Ekam asks what did you see, tell me. Raja says I had seen a dead body in the car and told everyone. Sukhi says someone is framing our children. Ekam says time and evidence will answer this, I have to arrest Aasma, I know she can’t kill anyone, but I have to do this to reach the real murderer. Jordan meets the gardener. Armaan and Aasma come and look on. A guy sees Aasma’s wanted pic and goes. Armaan says we should go from here. The guy gets the police. Armaan and Aasma are shocked.

The episode ends