Udaariyaan 20th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Kabir finds Armaan jealous

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The episode starts with Baby telling the family about Kabir and Aasma’s friendship. She says Kabir is Aasma’s BF. Sukhi asks her not to say nonsense about Aasma. Aasma makes the flour balls. Baby asks Sukhi not to get mad, no guy and girl can be friends, don’t be modern. Kabir claps hearing this. He greets everyone. He jokes on Baby’s dialogues. Armaan introduces Kabir to them. Sukhi asks Rano to treat Kabir well. He asks Kabir not to mind anything. Kabir says you have a beautiful house, I have come here for business, I want to invest 100 crores in automobiles. Sukhi says we just manufacture automobile parts, its not a big business. Alia tells everything to Baby on call. She says I don’t know what is Aasma doing, she is making everyone dance on her fingers. Baby sees Kabir. She says you know who came to meet Aasma. Alia asks what, a guy, her friend, boyfriend. Baby says yes. Kabir greets Matarani and does puja. Baby says Armaan is at Kabir’s service, there is something between Kabir and Aasma. Alia says I have to find about Kabir. Armaan says I will go and see Aasma. Aasma goes to feed the flour balls to the buffalo.

Armaan comes and asks what are you doing, you didn’t even change clothes. He helps her feed the buffalos. He asks about Kabir. She praises him. He says maybe you wanted such a guy for yourself. She says no, I never thought about it, the one you get is the best, you are the best for me. A man gets a parcel for Armaan. Armaan says I didn’t order anything. Aasma sees Armaan’s finger hurt and does the aid. Everyone sits to dine. Aasma catches cold. Kabir says she always sneezes like that. Aasma goes to the kitchen. Armaan takes care of Aasma. He goes to help her. He hears Kabir and Aasma talking. Aasma says Armaan and I aren’t two different people, he is very good at heart. Kabir says he is so insecure and jealous, anyone can feel cold. Aasma thinks of Armaan’s words. Kabir says I had a pleasure meeting you all. Aasma and Armaan invite him for Navratri celebrations. Sukhi says Aasma kept Dandiya program, do come. Kabir says I have no partner, I have an idea. He asks Baby will you become my dance partner. She says no. They laugh. Aasma asks Kabir to get married. Kabir says all the nice girls got married. She says we will give a matrimonial ad in the newspaper. Sukhi says sure. Kabir goes. Aasma says you are lovely, did you get jealous seeing Kabir. Armaan says no. She says you can tell me, I will be glad. He asks her to go and take rest. He says have haldi milk, you are sneezing. He goes. She smiles.

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Aasma’s family comes to meet Armaan’s family. Alia comes with her family. Armaan worries. Sukhi hugs Ekam. Armaan sees Alia smiling. Sukhi says welcome, you kept our respect. Ekam says we had to come, you came home by keeping enmity aside. Ashok says I m glad to see you forget enmity. Dadi says its Aasma’s magic. Alia thinks I will play dandiya with Armaan. Aasma comes to the room. The rose petals fall over her. She gets a dress and a note. She smiles. Armaan says Alia, you should have not come here. Alia says your dad invited us here, I won’t let you dance with Aasma. Aasma smiles and thinks of Armaan. Someone sees her. Armaan says don’t create any scene here. Aasma calls Armaan. Aasma hears some sound and goes to see. Armaan takes the call. Aasma is shocked seeing….

Precap: Aarman rushes and starts looking for Aasman he sees a shadow behind the curtains with knife.